Summer could be a few months away but nothing sounds better other than sipping your favorite cold beverage while taking a dip in a pool to beat the Texas heat. Most people would head outdoors to the nearest public swimming pools in Austin such as the local favorite, Barton Springs Pool located near the Barton Hills neighborhood, one of the popular residential areas in Austin. There are also a couple of hidden gems in Austin where you can find swimming holes in secluded areas within the region. But some love the privacy that they get with their very own swimming pool located in their homes. You might be eyeing having one installed on your grounds. Therefore, you might be thinking about the costs to build a pool in Austin, how long does it take, what are…

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Floor plans influence the home's construction and are one of the very important parts of any home building or renovation. If you are eyeing on building or renovating your home but aren't sure which floor plan is best, this blog is for you. We'll talk about the pros and cons of each and on which is the best floor plan for your home. Is it an open concept or a traditional/closed floor plan?

What is an Open Floor Plan?

Open floor plans refer to a house wherein two or more spaces are joined in order to form a larger space. This eliminates the partition walls that usually divide rooms into parts. A great example would be joining the kitchen, dining, and living room making it into a communal living space.

Pros of Open Floor Plans

1. Layout…

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Owning a home here in Austin, Texas, is more than just having a place to call your own. It's a journey filled with responsibility. As the seasons change and time goes by, your beloved home needs a little TLC to keep it shining and safe. From tackling routine to-dos to handling unexpected fixes, taking care of your home is all about ensuring its longevity, comfort, and the well-being of your loved ones.

In this friendly guide, we're diving into the world of home maintenance, the must-do tasks that every homeowner in Austin should know about. Get ready for practical insights, helpful tips, and a whole lot of know-how to keep your Austin home in tip-top shape!

Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause problems that can lead to serious issues such as…

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Preparing a clean and comfortable room for your guests might sound like an exhausting task to do, but for real, it's actually one of the satisfying tasks when you have some friends and family coming over to your home. Planning the perfect guest oasis for your home will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will be enjoyed by your guests. If you are still unsure how, to begin with, your guest room oasis preparations, we created a list of easy and hassle-free tips to guide you into creating the best space you can offer to your guests! Let's get right in.

1. Declutter

It might have been a while since you had a guest stay over at your home. It's now time to check up on that room and remove unnecessary things that make the room a little bulky…

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As the temperatures begin to drop, it's also now the start of the process to winterize your home in Austin, TX. It's best to practice precautions and measure before the actual temperature drops to its lowest. Winterizing will keep your home on its tip-top shape and save money on energy bills throughout the winter season. Some homeowners prefer help from the experts when it comes to this type of maintenance, although this can be inexpensively on your own or with help from a friend or family member. Protect your Austin investment property this holiday season by following these tips on how to winterize your home in Austin, TX.

1. Fill and Seal the Gaps

Protect your home from pests, insects, and water from coming in by filling in cracks and…

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Black Friday... the shopping extravaganza that kicks off the holiday season, is just around the corner! It's the perfect time to snag great deals on items that can enhance your home and make it a better place to live. In this article, we'll explore the best things to buy on Black Friday for your home, focusing on home improvement. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just want to spruce up your living space, we've got you covered with a wide array of options that can truly transform your home.

Major Appliances

One of the top draws of Black Friday is the opportunity to score incredible discounts on major appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. These big-ticket items can put a dent in your budget, so take advantage…

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The battle for the best smart speakers for homes is tough; with recent developments between Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, it might be a challenge in choosing which is better for your home. In this blog, we’ll lay out a comparison guide between Google Home and Amazon Echo, also known as Amazon Alexa, to help you figure out which is best for your home, needs, and budget!

Thanks to technology, artificial intelligence can now transform your home. Both smart speakers are booming in the market. Obviously, it does make it easier and convenient for consumers to have these gadgets at home. From news, weather, conversion, facts, controlling the lights and devices in your home, and more; everything is just a “Hey Google...” or “Alexa...” away with these…

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There are numerous utility companies in the Austin area that will massively help you in your moving process in Austin. Have your utilities set up in advance or a day before your scheduled move-in. Make sure you have all that you need such as your internet, gas, electric, cable, and other utilities you will need at home. Check up on each of them to make sure that they are connected to avoid potential damages, if any, in the future. Call upon your provider to do any follow-ups on any delays.

Here is the list of utility companies in the Austin area:

Electric, and Gas Service Utilities

The following utility companies offer either electric, light, gas services or all three:

Atmos Energy



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