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Many people prefer the idea of building their own home to purchasing one. The process of building a home may sound overwhelming to many, however, once you get familiar with how things work, the pros and cons of building your Austin home, you'll realize that building a home will be worth it. Are you still thinking about building your very own Austin home? Here are 5 reasons why you should know.

1. Energy Efficient

Building a home enables you to choose options to apply energy-efficient systems to your home. These systems can help lower maintenance and are good for the environment. With some preexisting homes, you might have to upgrade or maintain air conditioning and furnace systems. You can also install materials that can absorb less heat which can

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reasons why move to austin

If you are a huge fan of culture, art, delicious food, live music, and hippie vibes, we welcome you to this eclectic and lively city! We'll be giving you the top 5 reasons why you should move to Austin. Aside from being the Best City in America for three consecutive years, Austin is named to be one of the fastest-growing cities as well. The unemployment rate of the city is decreasing while the GDP and GMP have been rising. The city has also ranked 3rd with the lowest crime rate.

Austin is a great place for students, young professionals, families, and even retirees! If you are thinking of moving to the Bat City in the Lone Star State, here are the top reasons why you should move to Austin.


1. Superb Food

Who doesn’t love food? If

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Interior design is more than just decorating your home. It's a process to improve your experience within your space while being able to make it aesthetically pleasing. Not only it makes your homes modern and stylish but it also increases the functionality of the spaces within your home. There are some trends that you might not know that will soon be outdated this year. 2021 interior design trends are influenced by today and last year's events where many have transitioned to working from home and spent most days staying at home.

If you're looking into updating your home with interior design trends for this year, this blog will help you out! Whether you are moving to a new home, preparing your Austin home for sale to increase its value, or renovating

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Texas Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption Required Documents

Here are steps on how to file for your homestead exemption in Texas. First, fill out the application specific to your County Appraisal District, then mail all of the documents to the Appraisal District for your County.



Travis County -
Williamson County -
Hays County -,


Your driver’s license needs to be from the Texas Department of Public Safety

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Austin’s real estate investment scene is red hot right now and with the recent announcement of Oracle’s corporate headquarters moving here, it’s likely to stay that way for a while. Our site caters to investors so we get a decent amount of people registering that are interesting in investing in Austin. Below are the different types of investment properties that investors in Austin can choose from that we also recommend and help facilitate. It’s important to note that in this current market, an investment play in Austin will be mostly an appreciation play and we recommend that an investor have at least 30% to put down on a property as well as $30,000 in reserves.

1. Single-family Resale Home

These range in price based on location and school

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Are you celebrating the holidays in Austin? In this blog, we compiled the places where you can get food, a list of Austin holiday activities, and gift ideas from local businesses to get you in the festive mood.


Where to Get Food for the Holidays in Austin?

1. Contigo Catering

The MLK restaurant's branch is offering a variety of Christmas meals! Contigo is offering meal packages from charcuterie boards to full-on meals, cocktails, sides, and desserts. They also offer deliveries and requires a four day advanced noted. Book online. 

2. TLC

This Texas seafood restaurant is offering an applewood smoked bone-in ham-based holiday meal package that includes plenty of sides and desserts to choose from! Meals are from $285 and add-ons range from

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Downsizing used to be for empty nesters and retirees. Nowadays, more people are choosing to downsize due to different reasons such as being able to save money from maintenance, reduce costs, pay off debt, cut downtime from doing household chores, and greater flexibility. By downsizing, you have to get rid of some belongings you have that may not be useful or end as clutter in your new Austin home. Here are some of the things you should get rid of when downsizing.

1. Clothes

If you're downsizing your home, your closet space might decrease as well. If you have clothes that you don't wear such as for special occasions, seasonal outfits, loose or tight clothing, it's time to let go of those items. Sell or donate clothing that you don't wear anymore.

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Despite the effects of the Coronavirus on Austin's growing economy this year, the city is positioned for solid growth in 2021. According to Well-Fargo Securities Senior Economist, Sarah House, Austin remains to be in a strong position and has weathered the storm compared to other areas.

The job growth in Austin was down 2.5% which is a significantly better figure than a 6.5% decline for the entire country. This drop is also the lowest among the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. There were a large proportion of employees that are able to shift into working remotely easily including professional services, financial activities, and information technology. Relocations and new facilities being built in the city will be offering thousands

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Austin is undeniably one of the best cities to live in America. For the past years, Austin, Texas has been consistent when it comes to ranking the Best Places to Live, Best Places for Career Growth, and Best Places to Relocate in America. It's undeniable that the beauty, attractions, lifestyle, and livability of the City have contributed to being one of the best places to live in. The fast-growing city has attracted families, students, young professionals, singles, couples, and retirees to relocate to Austin.

Austin is a moderately-expensive place to live in, however, it's one of the affordable metro-cities compared to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and San Francisco. The tech industry in the area is thriving. Home to Dell, plenty of other large tech companies

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Today's technology enables people to work from home. With the current global situation, more companies are moving from onsite to working remotely.

Based on a recent article from Fox Business, more corporate jobs and remote workers have been lured to move to Austin due to its affordability and low tax rates. It was announced this year that business relocations to Austin are expected to create nearly 10,000 jobs; the City's highest figure for a single year according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. This helps offset the effects of the pandemic to the tourist-dependent businesses. 

For some, the environment at home can make them feel unproductive; this makes working from the home way different versus working in an office setting. Distractions are

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