John McCarthy: We’re going to talk a lot, you know, I gave you guys the handout, and there's going to be some things that you're probably going to want to write to add a couple notes because, you're not going to do everything on this process. But the goal is to give you the tools and you can you're going to end up essentially kind of customizing what you can do for open houses.

I want to talk about like with open houses, you want to have a purpose. What are you going to be doing? Why are you doing an open house? Are you farming a particular neighborhood that you're the local expert? Are you just doing open houses, you know, throwing it in the schedule on a Saturday and Sunday for a million dollar price point anywhere in the country, because…

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Ryan: So, you know, as we've evolved as a brokerage, like what we've tried to do is put a focus on company and help you grow your business.

And in 2018, we really wanted to get into the actions of, the subject of goals, right? And, not just kind of put a goal out there, but also break that down into what it takes to achieve your goals.

If you guys have done professional development meetings with me, you know, that we don't just put your goal out there, we look at what you did in previous years. If your lead sources were company leads, if they were open houses, if it were spear, and then we really tried to break that down so that you know, what it's going to take, how many actions it's going to take, and then on a weekly basis, what it is what…

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Deck and patios serve a whole new dimension to your home that helps improve the look of your outdoor living space. It's one of the best places to relax, breathe fresh air, entertain your guests for some cookout, or admire the beauty of the stars at night! Homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to installing a new deck or patio. You can either do it yourself or give a call to your local professionals to get the job done. Some may get confused when it comes to the difference of a deck and a patio, in this blog, learn how each of these two options is unique and which is right to install for your home!

Deck for Homes

Decks are usually made out of wood. Popular woods for decking include redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated pine. They also come…

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What Am I Doing? 

In January, I've struggled with defining my new roles. A year ago, it was easy. I was a real estate agent, selling real estate mostly in central Austin. But it's not quite that simple anymore, and I'm still trying to find out how to explain myself to people. 

These days, I'm managing a real estate team and working with clients. I'm designing and delivering sales training for Spyglass. I'm doing a small amount of one-on-one business coaching. And I'm doing public speaking around the country.

That's a mouthful when someone asks "What do you do?" The real answer is, I have three jobs. And I'm trying to find one title to capture them all. 

Managing a Team

Real estate sales is still my primary focus and primary income…

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Valentine's Day is one of the special days where you spend a memorable time with your significant other. Whether you are staying at home or looking into spending the day or night outdoors, there are plenty of things to do on Valentine's Day in Austin that will make you and your partner's day extra special! Feel the love with these activities in Austin with your special someone or if you're single, bring along your best friend! Here are some ideas on how you can make this year's Valentine's Day a memorable one!

1. Board Game Night

This is one of the activities that you can do at home. In today's time where everything can be done online, it's can be a good idea to take out your board games and playing cards. Enjoy a night filled with laughter and…

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