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A Christmas Sunrise in Mexico

This year, Chris and I met his parents and sister in Mexico for Christmas. Specifically, Isla Mujeres.

This is the only photo I took because I was having too much fun.

The only bummer was that I got a cold while I was there. And almost every night I woke up around 4 AM to cough my brains out for a while before falling back asleep. One morning while we were there, I woke up and wasn't sleepy, so I read and tried to occupy myself for awhile. Eventually, I realized, around 6:30 AM, that if I got up and walked out to the beach, I could probably catch the sunrise.

So I did. I wandered down the beach until I found some rocks with a great view to the east and watched the sky change slowly from purple-gray to pink

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I am delighted to be offering one-on-one coaching for small business owners. Coaching has made an enormous difference in my life on so many levels: income, the health of my business, my mindset, my ability to weather challenges, my capacity for happiness regardless of exterior circumstances. I know that good coaching in my life has been indispensable to my business thriving, instead of just surviving. And I'm excited to pay it forward. 

If you're interested to hear more about what I do, my principles, and what I offer, read on. 

What I Do and Who I Work With

I help workaholics, people pleasers and perfectionists find more joy in their days, and make more money as a side effect.

I work with small business owners who run high-value service and

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Hi Friends!  Here are your fun local events for the upcoming week! This week we are excited for the Kid's New Year's Eve balloon drop at the Thinkery and all the fun New Year's Day activity options!  We'll be watching some bowl games, and getting ready for 2020.  How will you be celebrating?



Aladdin Movie - Georgetown  



Holiday Kids Art - Hutto  


12/28 & Various Dates

Pinballz After Dark  



Spies In Disguise Kids Night Out - Georgetown  



Texas Stars - Cedar Park

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As the new year starts, let's check up on your biggest investment, your home. Are you updated with the latest changes and updates within your home? From plumbings, electrical outlets, inspections, and even taxes and insurances that involves your home are some of the important things you should never miss to check. On this blog, if you are a homeowner from Austin, we will guide you on the simple yet important things to do in 2020.


1. Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause problems that can lead to serious issues such as ice dams, water damage or become a new home to pests. Clean your home gutters at least twice a year especially before winter starts. Carefully climb up the ladder and remove the leaves by using a leaf blower, garden hose, or by

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Happy Friday, Y'all!

Thanks so much for being part of our tribe!  We are counting down the days until Christmas.  What are you guys looking forward to this week?  This week we are especially excited for the Horse Drawn Trolley rides and the Outdoor Movie Night!  What will you be doing for the holidays?  Hope you guys have a fun week with loved ones and friends!

12/20 & Various Dates

Mighty Thomas Carnival - Round Rock 



Hometown Downtown Christmas - Round Rock 



Outdoor Movie Night: The Grinch - Round Rock 



Countdown to Christmas w/ Robert

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This is an OFF-MLS property that has a great opportunity for light renovations and an easy value add. It is located in the Briarpatch neighborhood off of City Park Road near Greenshores on a large lot. 


  • 4 bedrooms (plus study)   
  • 5 bath
  • 3947 sqft
  • 1.3 acres

It is one of the original homes in the neighborhood. The builder actually built the home for themselves and lived in it. The seller is the second owner. It's been well maintained and could use cosmetic updates. For someone who wants to do all these cosmetic updates themselves, and get a good deal, now is a good time! 

Currently priced at $800K. 

Otherwise, it will be listed sometime in the Spring of 2020, after some market prep at a

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Preparing a clean and comfortable room for your guests might sound like an exhausting task to do, but for real, it's actually one of the satisfying tasks when you have some friends and family coming over to your home. Planning the perfect guest oasis for your home will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will be enjoyed by your guests. If you are still unsure how, to begin with, your guest room oasis preparations, we created a list of easy and hassle-free tips to guide you into creating the best space you can offer to your guests! Let's get right in.

1. Declutter

It might have been a while since you had a guest stay over at your home. It's now time to check up on that room and remove unnecessary things that make the room a little bulky…
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Hi Friends!  Happy Friday! 

Here are some fun events to check out this week! We can't to see more amazing holiday displays/lights, Santa sightings, and holiday fun/treats/movies!


Various Dates

Trail of Lights - Austin



Parents Night Out - Thinkery Austin  

12/13 & Various Dates

Christmas Stroll - Salado  


12/13 - 12/24

Armadillo Bazaar - Palmer Events Center  


Holiday Sip & Stroll - Buda 

Pugly Christmas Sweater Party - Austin

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'Tis the season to get ready for various Christmas events and attractions in Austin! If you are living in Austin or coming to town to celebrate the holidays, we gathered the top 10 events and attractions you should visit!

Make your holidays extra special with these awesome Christmas Activities in Austin you'll enjoy with your friends and family.

1. Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

December 13 - December 24
Located at Palmer Events Center, the 43rd year of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar is almost like a shopping concert! Enjoy musical acts by local Austin artists or shop locally-made products in over more than a hundred booths at the bazaar. One of the best events where you can support your local vendors and buy holiday gifts for your friends and

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The Austin real estate market is one of the hottest and craziest markets in America. More and more people are flocking to Austin each year to settle down and/or invest in a property. The City of Austin is known for its low price housing costs compared to other cities near the coast, neighborhood walkability, the city being the live music capital of the world with various entertainment events and venues, stunning natural parks, and delicious local food. The top-notch tech companies such as Dell, Google, and the new Apple campus (expected to open in 2022) are found within Austin. This gives more employment opportunities to over 5,000 to 15,000 people.


Current Austin Real Estate Market

Austin MSA has a population of over two million and this year

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