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Today's technology enables people to work from home. With the current global situation, more and more companies are moving from onsite to working remotely. For some, the environment at home can make them feel unproductive; this makes working from home way different versus working in an office setting. Distractions are around especially if you're not living alone. That is why setting up a dedicated workspace or home office at your Austin home is one of the things you should consider if you are working remotely.

If you are used to working with your team onsite, in a physical office, moving to a different setting such your within your house could affect your team's collaboration and communication without the right platforms to use. We listed 16 remote

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Natural light allows homeowners to save energy by reducing the use of artificial light in their homes. Natural light also has different benefits such as increased productivity, beats the blues -- making people happier and calm, plus it reduces the mold and mildew growth in your home keeping your space healthy. Unfortunately, there homes that are built with not much natural light coming in. From DIYs to professional remodeling projects, here are 8 ways to maximize natural light in your Austin home.

1. Lighter Wall and Ceiling Paint

Your interior wall colors are one of the first things you might want to change when it comes to increasing natural lighting in your Austin home. Choose a lighter color such as pure white which has a 100% Light Reflective

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Sunny: Okay, so this presentation actually did, I think, last summer or maybe the summer, I think last summer about the appraisal addendum but it's, one of the four written addendums that we have, I feel like it's kind of written backward. For you to understand it is important to us, but you'll find that it's even, it's equally as important to understand how to explain it to listing agents, because a lot of times they don't understand it. But what you're dealing with is the part of the third party financing addendum that reads if the buyer's lender that makes the property contingent upon appraisal, basically. This slideshow is available on Workplace so it's always out there and it's a quick reference whenever you're writing one of these up if you need

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Ryan: I am here, live with my good friend and consultant, Lee Adkins with Amplified Solutions. And we're going to go over the efficiency tools for Austin real estate agents. And to give you a little bit of background, I have been working with Lee for several years, he's a consultant of mine. He helps top team leaders and brokers basically organize their business in more of a structural model. Well, you could explain it way.

Lee: Yeah, so really focus on the operations. I like to say all the things that aren't selling real estate, running a company. And that's all things from just being organized and your email to recruiting strategy and ten-year strategy, growth strategy, and exit plan. So it's all the little things and all the big things really,

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Pet owners will do anything to give their pets the best treatment and sanctuary at home. If you have pets, it's important to provide them a good environment. There are certain things you need to know as a pet owner that will keep your house and surroundings a haven for your furry friends. Here are some great tips you need to know that you can apply in your current home or if you are finding a new home to move into.

ways to make your home pet friendly

1. Consider Flooring

If you have pets that love to roam and play around the house, the harder the flooring, the better. You'll want to look into scratch proof flooring such as tiles which also provides a cool place for dogs during hot weather. Wood can be another option for you to choose from although you have to choose the harder

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Fourth of July celebrations this 2020 may be different than how we used to celebrate it. Some events have been canceled and modified due to the current situation where everyone’s well-being is vital. Despite that, here are some events and activities you can do to celebrate the Fourth of July in Austin, social distancing style.


For a one of a kind Fourth of July celebration in Austin, Blue Starlite will be playing different movies such as Independence Day, Cabin in the Woods, Dirty Dancing, and Jaws. A fireworks show will then be held after on their screen. Bring some goods from home so you don’t have to leave your car once you’re in the grounds.


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