As the temperatures begin to drop, it's also now the start of the process to winterize your home in Austin, TX. It's best to practice precautions and measure before the actual temperature drops to its lowest. Winterizing will keep your home on its tip-top shape and save money on energy bills throughout the winter season. Some homeowners prefer help from the experts when it comes to this type of maintenance, although this can be inexpensively on your own or with help from a friend or family member. Protect your Austin investment property this holiday season by following these tips on how to winterize your home in Austin, TX.

1. Fill and Seal the Gaps

Protect your home from pests, insects, and water from coming in by filling in cracks and…

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This is the second edition of our new series, Client Success Stories. These are transcripts of real interviews with our clients. We sit down with them to talk about their experiences buying and selling real estate and share tips on how you can be successful in this process. 

Christy and Christian originally called my husband Chris, at the advice of Davey EcEathron of Davey McEathron Architects a few months ago. They were looking at a rather complicated purchase on the east side that would require the formation of a two-unit condo regime and lots of renovations. Knowing that Chris deals frequently with two-unit condo regimes, permitting and development, Davey recommended that they talk to Chris before making any decisions. Ultimately, they decided…

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Black Friday... the shopping extravaganza that kicks off the holiday season, is just around the corner! It's the perfect time to snag great deals on items that can enhance your home and make it a better place to live. In this article, we'll explore the best things to buy on Black Friday for your home, focusing on home improvement. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just want to spruce up your living space, we've got you covered with a wide array of options that can truly transform your home.

Major Appliances

One of the top draws of Black Friday is the opportunity to score incredible discounts on major appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. These big-ticket items can put a dent in your budget, so take advantage…

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I'm not going to lie to you. Selling your home is a pain. Packing up all your stuff, letting strangers tromp through your home, MOVING. So how do you decide when it's the right time to sell your house? Here's my simple process.

1. It starts with a desire.

It all starts with some kind of desire to sell that outweighs the inconvenience factor. It's unique for each homeowner, but here are some examples:

  • You're moving to a new city.
  • The location doesn't fit your lifestyle anymore.
  • The floor plan doesn't work for you anymore.
  • Your financial situation has changed.
  • You hate your neighbors and their barky dog.
  • You can think of a few things you'd love to do with some extra cash.
  • The home needs maintenance and repairs that you don't…

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In November, I had the pleasure of presenting a talk at The Inspiration Lab conference in Wilmington, North Carolina to a group of women in real estate. The title of my talk was "Stress Less, Vacation More: How To Be Epically Efficient."

This video is a follow up to that talk with some practical next steps. 

In this video I cover:
How to practically apply the principles I used when transforming my business.

Principle #1: Capitalize on your mistakes

Practical tips:

-keep an issues log

-do a brain dump

-set aside time on your calendar to take a focused hour and build a resource to solve one or two issues

Principle #2: Book that trip before you're ready

-Because if you don't, you'll probably look up at the end of the year and you…

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Barton Hills is one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Austin. Known for its convenient location and stunning natural scenery, residents have easy access to different hotspots in 78704. Whether you are looking for a spot to dine, shop, party, or relax, the nearby spots can be reached by a short drive by car or public transportation. Downtown Austin is just a few minutes away too! Barton Hills is popular for its highly-rated schools making it an ideal neighborhood for families with children. 

If you are new to the area, you might be wondering, where is Barton Hills located? It is bounded by South Lamar Boulevard and the neighborhood of Zilker to its east. MoPac highway can be found to its west and the Capital of the Texas Highway can be…

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Having a niche product or market in real estate can be beneficial for realtors in many ways. For one, it allows a focus on a product or segment of the market that may not be as crowded as others. The less crowded this segment is, the more likely you’ll get business out of it when that segment is in demand. There can also be a downside of focusing too much on a niche.  As an example, investment property is going to be a tough niche during a recession. I recommend that real estate agents start off with residential single-family sales and start developing a niche as they become top real estate agents. The main thing, in my opinion, is to focus on one or two niches.  

A Starting Point for Every Realtor aiming to Become a Top Producing Real Estate Agent

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Zilker is one of the most desirable places to live in Austin. It's one of the most preferred places for many locals and newcomers to settle down to experience the best of what Austin can offer and we can seriously agree to that. You won't regret choosing neighborhoods in 78704 to live in, and Zilker is a part of that. 

Whether you are looking for a place to relax, hang out, or enjoy the outdoors for an adventure without being too far from the big city, Zilker is the place to be. The area is abundant with green spaces, parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  Local businesses are rapidly growing in the area as well. Don't forget to visit the local dining spots in the area as well as the iconic coffee shops that deliver the best…

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There are over a hundred neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. Each neighborhood has a unique setting and character that are loved by the locals and its residents. You might be looking for a place to settle because you're relocating for your job, or you're looking for a new place that is perfect for you to call it home. Maybe you want to consider living here now after Real Estate U.S. News released a report that Austin is the best place to live in America for 2019. Find your new home in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Austin.

1. Tarrytown

To the west of Downtown, Tarrytown is a quiet neighborhood that features beautiful trees for shade and walking distance to the Lions Municipal Golf Course. Homes for sale in Tarrytown are from quaint cottages,…

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What started as a little kart in Downtown Austin has now become one of the favorites in Austin's food scene and coffee community. Pakita Coffee is a local coffee shop located in South Lamar, 78704 and also has another location in Downtown Austin. The coffee shops offer excellent coffee, fine wine, and delicious meals to pair with your chosen beverage.

Patika can either be your first stop in the morning to get that iced or hot cup of joe or a hangout place for you and your friends. The coffee shop's ambiance has a casual, comfortable feel and the area has a mid-century modern minimalistic design. Aside from coffee, patrons enjoy their breakfast and lunch dishes that taste seriously good. Their awesome breakfast sandwiches paired with a hot cup of…

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