Constructing a Pool in Austin: Types, Process and Costs

Summer could be a few months away but nothing sounds better other than sipping your favorite cold beverage while taking a dip in a pool to beat the Texas heat. Most people would head outdoors to the nearest public swimming pools in Austin such as the local favorite, Barton Springs Pool located near the Barton Hills neighborhood, one of the popular residential areas in Austin. There are also a couple of hidden gems in Austin where you can find swimming holes in secluded areas within the region. But some love the privacy that they get with their very own swimming pool located in their homes. You might be eyeing having one installed on your grounds. Therefore, you might be thinking about the costs to build a pool in Austin, how long does it take, what are the types of pools, construction, maintenance, and more. On this blog, we'll list down what you need to know when it comes to constructing a pool in Austin.

Types of Swimming Pools

Before we get started on constructing your swimming pool, know that there are different types of pools to choose from. Concrete pools are arguably the most popular choice among homeowners because they last longer than their vinyl-lined counterparts—but they come with a much higher price tag as well. Vinyl-lined pools are generally cheaper and easier to install but require more maintenance over time. Fiberglass pools offer yet another option; they're easier to maintain than concrete but not quite as durable as vinyl-lined ones. As you can see, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, now let's dive in! 

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1. In-ground Construction

In-ground pools are permanent additions to the yard. Inground pools are installed directly into your yard or patio area by digging out a hole and lining it with materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, and gunite. Gunite is a popular choice for homeowners due to its durability and versatility. This type of pool offers more customization options than above ground pools but requires more time and money to install due to excavation costs and installation labor fees. Additionally, inground pools require more upkeep than other types due to their greater complexity. 

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2. Above Ground Pool

An above-ground pool is usually situated on top of the land or your yard that can be easily installed and removed. Above ground pools are typically made of metal or plastic and have walls that go all the way around the outside of them. If you have kids or pets at home, above-ground pools are safer since they are harder to "fall-into". They are easy to install and require little maintenance once they are set up. However, they take up more space than other types of pools and do not look as aesthetically pleasing as some other options. 

3. Infinity Pool

If you’re looking to make a statement with your home in Austin and increase its value, nothing beats an infinity pool. There’s no doubt about it, infinity pools have serious aesthetic appeal. These gorgeous installations come straight from the pages of luxury magazines and feature a mesmerizing illusion that makes them appear as though they are stretching off into the horizon. Whether you want to create a tranquil backyard oasis or a luxurious spot for entertaining guests, having one of these pools installed can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary in no time. From twinkling lights to shimmering reflections, your new pool will be sure to turn heads—and raise the value of your property in the process. 

Beautiful Infinity Pool in Austin, Texas

4. Plunge Pool

If you’ve been dreaming of transforming your backyard into a luxurious oasis, then consider installing a plunge pool. Not only are they great for increasing the value of your home, but they also provide endless hours of relaxation and entertainment! These are often trendy especially for some newly built homes with a modern look. A plunge pool is essentially a shallow swimming pool with steep sides that allows users to “plunge” or dip into the water, and is built for cooling off or lounging instead of swimming.

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The design options available when it comes to plunge pools are nearly endless! You can choose from various styles such as infinity edge designs or even custom designs that incorporate unique elements like LED lights, rocks or waterfalls. All these design elements add up to create a truly unique feature that will make any outdoor area stand out!  

5. Lap Pool

Aside from Olympic sized swimming pools, lap pools come in the shape of a rectangle with a narrow width. A lap pool is a great addition to your property and can add prestige, beauty, value, and practicality to your outdoor space. A lap pool offers benefits that extend beyond mere aesthetics. These pools are specifically designed for swimming laps and provide an ideal environment for exercise and relaxation.

Consider Pool Shapes & Sizes 

Size is an important factor when considering a pool installation. Do you want an intimate space just big enough for a few people or do you plan on throwing huge pool parties? Will it be used exclusively by adults or will children be splashing around as well? You'll also need to think about the layout of your yard. Is there enough room for a large pool or would a smaller one fit better?

When it comes to pool shapes, oval is out and rectangle is in! Rectangular pools tend to offer more space than their round counterparts, making them great options for large backyards. If you’re looking for something simpler and less costly, however, then a round pool may be better suited for your needs. Whatever shape you choose, make sure that it fits comfortably within the layout of your yard and that it meets any local zoning regulations. 

Process of Constructing a Pool in Austin

It is always ideal to seek a professional that will help you construct a pool in your yard. This processing time will depend on the type of pool you have chosen. Most pool projects take up to 1 1/2 months to 3 months. In this case, we'll be talking about the process for the in-ground pool which is popular and mostly constructed in homes around Austin.

The process starts off with designing and permitting. This can take up to one week although prefabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep won't be needing a permit. The design will be done via 3D modeling, Computer-Aided Design, or however your chosen professional works on it. Once you have the permits and the final design for your pool, it's time for excavating. This is typically a quick process that can take up a day or two. It could take up to a week if there are things that will affect the timing such as the utility lines and ease of access in your yard.

Next in the process is the plumbing, electrical, and steel installations. The process can take up to two weeks depending on the size, complexity, type of features you'll be having in your swimming pool. Once it has been all set, the next is to plaster your chosen material. You can choose from gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete for your pool. The installation takes up to three weeks. Again, depending on the size and depth of your swimming pool. This process is followed by landscaping and installing more custom features such as a deck, waterfalls, fountains, and anything that you can ever think of. Once that is finished, your pool is now ready to enjoy!


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Cost of Building a Pool in Austin

The national average pool installation in Austin is $22,000 for a 32 ft x 16 ft in-ground pool. The average cost of building a pool in Austin ranges from $14,000-$39,000 according to the website HomeAdvisor. Factors that can affect the cost of constructing the pool are the pool size, materials, heating, custom features, and labor. Keep in mind that maintenance is another factor that can affect the costs in the long run. There are also additional costs associated with obtaining permits and inspections required by local authorities. It’s also important to consider any additional features like landscaping and decking that may be needed during installation. These costs should all be factored into the overall price of your project, so budget for that as well. 

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Cost of Pool Maintenance in Austin

Owning a pool is a great way to beat the Texas heat, but it does come with some financial responsibilities. On average, depending on the type of pool you have (in-ground vs above-ground), you can expect to spend $960-$1,800 per year on pool maintenance costs like water and chemicals, equipment such as filters and pumps, repairs, and energy bills. If you're thinking about taking the plunge and installing a pool in your Austin home, be sure to do your homework first so that you understand all of the associated costs. Let's dive into what you need to know before taking the plunge. 

Ongoing Pool Maintenance Costs

Once your pool is installed, there are additional ongoing costs associated with upkeep and maintenance. These include paying for regular cleaning services as well as paying for chemicals to keep the water clean and safe. You should also factor in energy costs for running pumps, filters, heaters and other equipment necessary for keeping your pool in good condition. Depending on how often you use your pool and what type of equipment you have installed, these costs can quickly add up over time. With proper planning and understanding of these factors beforehand, you can enjoy many years of summer fun at your very own backyard oasis!

Insurance Costs for Swimming Pools

It is also important to consider insurance when thinking about owning a swimming pool in Austin. Home insurance policies typically do not cover any injuries or damages related to swimming pools, so it's important to purchase an additional policy specifically covering this risk if you plan on using yours frequently or having people over for parties or gatherings. This can add another layer of cost onto ownership which needs to be taken into consideration when budgeting out your pool project. 

All in all, installing a swimming pool in Austin is an exciting prospect – as long as you're prepared for the upkeep costs involved. From installation fees to ongoing maintenance charges and insurance premiums – there’s no shortage of expenses associated with owning a pool in Texas’ capital city – so make sure that you take them all into account before diving headfirst into making the most popular investment homeowners in Austin love to make! Doing so will give you peace of mind that you’re ready for whatever comes next.

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