In February of 2021, there were thousands of outdoor hot water heaters lost. It was thought by most that it was because in Texas, tankless hot water heaters aren't supposed to be installed on the outside. But unbeknownst to most Texans, there is a way to winterize tankless hot water heaters. 

If your outdoor tankless water heater starting to get a hard freeze again, it’s really imperative to open a cold and a hot faucet. Don’t let it drop for it’ll freeze. You need to have a pretty heavy dribble though not a full stream and do it on the cold side. 

The trick for the hot side is that these are built for flow rate which means that the motion of water flowing through it gets it to turn on. You need to have somebody on a hot faucet while you…

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As Texas continues to experience freezing temperatures and historic icy snowfall, there are various organizations and businesses offering assistance for food, shelter, and more. If you or someone you know is looking for assistance, listed below are resources to help keep each member of the community safe during these times.

Where to Get Meals?

February 19, Friday

Buenos Aires Cafe
From 11am
200 free hot meals

Revival Coffee
From 2pm
500 free meals from Frida Friday, plates from some of their favorite local restaurants

Try Hard Coffee
150 free tacos, 200 free drinks and some free Richard's Rainwater

Brew & Brew on E. 5th
This morning
250 free coffees (of your choice) thanks to Thea Nolan

Chilantro - W. Parmer
From 3pm
300 free soy glazed…

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When we talk about what is the best neighborhoods for people with families, we primarily talking about schools. But we also talk about having great communities, location to local amenities such as playgrounds, family-friendly dining, and close to good grocery stores. Here are our picks for the best neighborhoods for families in Central Austin.

1. Bryker Woods

A neighborhood with a classic character with homes built from the 1930s to 1950s. Homes in Bryker Woods come in a wide range of styles from one-story cottages to newly built modest homes surrounded by mature trees. The residential neighborhood is also a walkable area with walking distance to plenty of the city's finest local restaurants and shopping establishments. Bryker Woods also has its own…

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Downtown is the business district of Austin and the center of lively lifestyles and creativity. If you are in the market for a condominium in Downtown Austin, there is definitely a place that you can find that will suit your lifestyle and needs.

Whether you are looking for an investment property or a new place to call home, here are the best Downtown Austin condominiums you should take a look at!

1. The Austonian

A luxury condo in Austin that measures a 683-ft residential skyscraper located in the middle of downtown at the intersection of Congress Avenue and Second St. The Austonian is the second tallest building in Austin and outside of Houston and Dallas. Condos in the Austonian starts at $1.5 million with floor plans of 1,221 to over…

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