How to Downsize Your Austin HomeDownsizing used to be for empty nesters and retirees. Nowadays, more people are choosing to downsize due to different reasons, such as saving money from maintenance, reducing costs, paying off debt, cut downtime from doing household chores, and greater flexibility. By downsizing, you have to get rid of some belongings you have that may not be useful or end as clutter in your new Austin home. Here are some strategies for eliminating items when downsizing to a smaller home.

Popular Items to Eliminate When Downsizing

Here are some of the things you should get rid of when downsizing.


If you're downsizing your home, your closet space might decrease as well. If you have clothes that you don't wear, such as for special occasions,…

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Understanding the Home Selling ProcessPreparing your home for sale can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming, especially for first-time sellers. Just thinking about selling your house is already a big decision, even more, if you are already in the process. It takes a lot of work, time, and even emotion to get your home ready to sell. Now, to make things simple and easy for you, we listed our tips and created this guide to help you get through the preparation process smoothly.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Speak to a Real Estate Agent

Before all the packing begins, consulting a real estate agent is the key to a successful preparation. Your real estate agent will guide you…

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spring cleaning in austin texas

It's that time of the year once again for some serious decluttering, organization, and cleaning. Spring cleaning! Love it or hate it, cleaning can be a good exercise that benefits your health and well-being. It helps increase your productivity, sorts out your items, and reduces stress—the act of cleaning and the reward of having a neat and tidy household is considered to be therapeutic for some.

Spring cleaning includes tidying up your walk-in closet. When was the last time you had it cleaned, organized, or even designed? If you can't remember, we're guessing that this may be the right time to conduct some spring cleaning. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how you can organize your Austin home's walk-in closet!

1. Closet Clean Up

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buyer trends changed in austin during covid

The year 2020 has caught more people spending time at home due to the effects of COVID where stay-at-home orders were implemented. Companies have shifted their workforce into working from home and most students shifted from physicals schools to online or homeschooling. Ever since the COVID outbreak, it has completely changed the way most people view their homes. Aside from being a sanctuary for relaxation and family time, our homes have become an office, gym, cinema, even a jungle for indoor plant lovers as it became difficult to get their daily dose of nature from the outside due to shelter-in-place, so why not bring nature at home?

The pandemic had an impact on Austin's housing market which had led to a decline in home sales due to the…

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Fixing Your Water HeaterIn February of 2021, there were thousands of outdoor hot water heaters lost. It was thought by most that it was because in Texas, tankless hot water heaters aren't supposed to be installed on the outside. But unbeknownst to most Texans, there is a way to winterize tankless hot water heaters. 

If your outdoor tankless water heater starting to get a hard freeze again, it’s really imperative to open a cold and a hot faucet. Don’t let it drop for it’ll freeze. You need to have a pretty heavy dribble though not a full stream and do it on the cold side. 

The trick for the hot side is that these are built for flow rate which means that the motion of water flowing through it gets it to turn on. You need to have somebody on a hot faucet while you…

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Interior design is more than just decorating your home. It's a process to improve your experience within your space while being able to make it aesthetically pleasing. Not only it makes your homes modern and stylish but it also increases the functionality of the spaces within your home. There are some trends that you might not know that will soon be outdated this year. 2021 interior design trends are influenced by today and last year's events where many have transitioned to working from home and spent most days staying at home.

If you're looking into updating your home with interior design trends for this year, this blog will help you out! Whether you are moving to a new home, preparing your Austin home for sale to increase its value, or renovating…

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Children are curious about things around the house especially when there are items that are new to their eyes. Over 3.4 million children get into home accidents such as falls, burns, and other injuries in a year in the US. Home injuries are common, but with some care and changes within your home, accidents can be prevented. It can be stressful and overwhelming to find areas in your home that need to be modified in order to keep your home child-proof. Here are some tips on how to make your Austin home safe for kids.

1. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a great security tool if you're keeping an eye on your toddler while your doing chores or if you're working in another room. Instead of tiptoeing silently and peeking in the nursery every couple of…

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By Desiree Miller

A no-maintenance yard is just a dream, but a low-maintenance yard? Totally possible, even in Austin’s sometimes-challenging climate.

What you need is a yard that can withstand the scorching summers, flash floods of spring and fall, and the occasional hard freeze of winter. It sounds like a tall order, but here are six low maintenance landscaping ideas for your Austin home.

lawn maintenance

6 Steps to a Low-Maintenance Austin Yard

1. Rain Garden

Flash floods are just a matter of when in Austin. The more permeable cover you have -- meaning ground that absorbs water -- the less likely the excess water will end up in your street or your house. 

A rain garden is the perfect answer -- a garden in a small depression in the ground, that…

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Are you planning to purchase, build, or renovate a home for your senior family members? Will they be living with you so you have to do some changes to make your home friendly for them? For the elderly, a home that is safe, comfortable, and accessible to live in is the most important factor. There are several things you need to consider when making a senior-friendly home for your loved ones.

Keep in mind the mobility and dexterity of the elderly living within the house since there could be some daily activities that may be easy for you but due to their old age, might not be suitable for them. Consider the following design options that will make the home safe and secure for the elderly. Here are some tips and tricks that can be very useful to create a…

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Creating a high-end designed home is a dream for many. Did you know that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to create a luxurious Austin home? A small budget can make your Austin home sophisticated, stylish, and comfortable that can impress your family and guests when they come over. With just a few changes and adjustments, you can turn boring rooms into elegant spaces. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve a luxury home on a budget!

1. Natural Lighting 

create a luxury austin home on a budget

Natural light allows homeowners not just to save their energy but as well as being able to make a room bigger and brighter. Natural light also helps increase your productivity and reduces the mildew and mold growth in your home which will keep your space healthy.…

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