We had Chris Jacobs of Housing Report to talk about where we’re at in this market. We spoke about what’s going on in the market in the past 12 months, graphs on Austin MSA average values, 5-20 years supply vs. demand, new vs. pending units, inventory, appreciation. We as well talked about the comparison of these graphs for the last 20 years, active prices per area, and predictions to look forward.

With the crazy inventory Austin has from the past couple of months, in June 2020, we started to consume available inventory faster than it was coming to the marketplace that was sustained for a solid six months. What it had done on the annual charts was used to see that for the last 20 years, we consumed 80% of what was available. Chris said…

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Reasons to Build a Home in Austin Texas.jpgMany people prefer the idea of building their own home to purchasing one. The process of building a home may sound overwhelming to many, however, once you get familiar with how things work, the pros and cons of building your Austin home, you'll realize that building a home will be worth it. Are you still thinking about building your very own Austin home? Here are 5 reasons why you should know.

1. Energy Efficient

Building a home enables you to choose options to apply energy-efficient systems to your home. These systems can help lower maintenance and are good for the environment. With some preexisting homes, you might have to upgrade or maintain air conditioning and furnace systems. You can also install materials that can absorb less heat which can…

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Interior design is more than just decorating your home. It's a process to improve your experience within your space while being able to make it aesthetically pleasing. Not only it makes your homes modern and stylish but it also increases the functionality of the spaces within your home. There are some trends that you might not know that will soon be outdated this year. 2021 interior design trends are influenced by today and last year's events where many have transitioned to working from home and spent most days staying at home.

If you're looking into updating your home with interior design trends for this year, this blog will help you out! Whether you are moving to a new home, preparing your Austin home for sale to increase its value, or renovating…

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