As the weather starts to get a warmer, sun's out, flowers start to bloom, and exciting festivals are just weeks away, spring cleaning or preparing your home for spring is an ideal thing to do. Maintaining your home throughout each season will benefit not just you, your family, but even the house itself. If you are one of the people that is looking into selling your home in Austin this spring, you have to check out our blog on when is the best time to buy or sell a home in Austin if you haven't read it yet, this blog will guide you on what to do to prepare your home for spring.

1. Clean Gutters

Carefully climb up a latter and remove as much debris as you can with your hands. Don't forget to wear protective clothing such as gloves and protective…

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Where can you find a sparkling water product that is committed to utilizing sustainable sources and gives back to the Texas Park and Wildlife Foundation? Aside from that, where can you find one that purely tastes like Texas? But literally, the Texas water. Rambler Sparkling Water is a Texas limestone-filtered sparkling water founded by James Moody, David Mead, Leo Kiely, Bill Kiely, and Jeff Trucksess in Austin, Texas.

With plenty of sparkling waters available in the market, Rambler is made and inspired by the clear Texas water. Rambler only chooses sustainable water resources since water is known to be a scare resource. They are also in partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation where a portion of their sales go towards the said…

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Summer could be a few months away but nothing sounds better other than sipping your favorite cold beverage while taking a dip in a pool to beat the Texas heat. Most people would head outdoors to the nearest public swimming pools in Austin such as the local favorite, Barton Springs Pool located near the Barton Hills neighborhood, one of the popular residential areas in Austin. There are also a couple of hidden gems in Austin where you can find swimming holes in secluded areas within the region. But some love the privacy that they get with their very own swimming pool located in their homes. You might be eyeing having one installed on your grounds. Therefore, you might be thinking about the costs to build a pool in Austin, how long does it take, what are…

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Experience Austin like a true local on your visit or if you are newly relocated in the area and finding the best barbershop to get that slick, high, tight hairstyle, Birds Barbershop is highly recommended. The independently owned brand is established by life-long friends Michael Portman and Jayson Rapaport. Both owners had a goal to provide salon-quality service and expertise for both men and women of all ages with a twist of enhancing customer experience in different ways.

With Austin being the Live Music Capital of the World and living up to the slogan of Keep Austin Weird, Birds Barbershop offers all things that represent Austin. Where else can you get free cold Independence beer, free WiFi, play old arcade games, and listen to great music while…

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Floor plans influence the home's construction and are one of the very important parts of any home building or renovation. If you are eyeing on building or renovating your home but aren't sure which floor plan is best, this blog is for you. We'll talk about the pros and cons of each and on which is the best floor plan for your home. Is it an open concept or a traditional/closed floor plan?

What is an Open Floor Plan?

Open floor plans refer to a house wherein two or more spaces are joined in order to form a larger space. This eliminates the partition walls that usually divide rooms into parts. A great example would be joining the kitchen, dining, and living room making it into a communal living space.

Pros of Open Floor Plans

1. Layout…

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