How to Create the Perfect Guest Room Oasis in Your Home

Preparing a clean and comfortable room for your guests might sound like an exhausting task to do, but for real, it's actually one of the satisfying tasks when you have some friends and family coming over to your home. Planning the perfect guest oasis for your home will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will be enjoyed by your guests. If you are still unsure how, to begin with, your guest room oasis preparations, we created a list of easy and hassle-free tips to guide you into creating the best space you can offer to your guests! Let's get right in.

1. Declutter

It might have been a while since you had a guest stay over at your home. It's now time to check up on that room and remove unnecessary things that make the room a little bulky especially if you're adding some seasonal decorations. If your guest room is on the small side, decluttering can help allocate more space for important essentials that will be needed by your guests.

2. Comfortable Bed

Lying down on your guest's bed is one of the ways to know if the bed is comfortable. Now ask yourself, is it comfortable? Are the sheets enough? Will it keep them warm? Make sure that your bed has soft and cozy bedding. If you want your guests to experience a 5-star luxury suite, upgrade the bedding with luxury linens, mattress toppers, a comforter, and extra blankets! After a long haul flight or drive, your guests will appreciate the comfortable bed and might even snooze right away. This is one of the keys to the perfect guest room oasis in your home.

3. Comfortable Pillows

There are some people that like to sleep with two or more pillows so prepare an extra for each pillow that you have. Give them a choice of the pillow if you can. No one wants to wake up with terrible neck or back pain right? Prepare firm and soft pillows so your guest can choose between the two. The right pillow can make a huge difference.

4. Welcoming Touches

Make your guests feel special by adding welcoming touches. This doesn't take a lot of time and money, but it will be greatly appreciated by your guests making them feel welcome. Add a pillow or quoted paintings on the wall with some welcoming words. You can even get them personalized towels or linens labeled with guest, or even their names! It's a simple gesture but could mean a lot.

5. Blackout and Light Curtains

Blackout curtains will help your guests get enough the rest they'll need especially if they came from a long flight or the other side of the world. Jet lag could be an enemy and blackout curtains can help them sleep well even if the sun is up! Making it the perfect guest room after a long flight! Behind the blackout curtains, add the light curtains that allow light to pass in the room.


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6. Sparkling Clean Bathroom

Don't forget the bathroom! Everyone wants a comfortable and accessible bathroom so make sure it is squeaky clean. Add an automatic spray that you can get from the supermarket that will trigger every 19 minutes or so. Towels are also important, leave small and large ones that suit the number of guests you have. Toiletries are another thing. There are instances they might have forgotten to bring their toothbrush or soap, so have a couple of it ready by the countertop. Also, get a jar and fill them up with Q-Tips and cotton pads. These will come in handy for your guests.

7. Empty Closets and Drawers

Clear out closets and drawers so your guests will be able to use them. They will greatly appreciate this especially if they are living out of the suitcase and need to hang some wrinkly clothes. Don't forget to add some hangers on the closets for their clothes!

8. Room for Suitcase

Provide a clear space where your guests can place their luggage. You can add a bench or a small table where they can place their suitcase for easy access. Also, allot some space where they can keep their suitcase if they plan to take their clothes out and place it within the drawers and the closet.

9. Set Up a Small Workspace, Comfortable Chairs

There are guests that are not comfortable sitting for a long time on the bed. Adding an armchair or a lounge chair with an ottoman can make a difference for their comfort. If your guests are staying in for a while, prepare a workspace for them even if it's just a regular table and chair setup, it will definitely help them.

10. Provide Local Tourist Information

If you are having guests that coming over for the first time and they'll be touring around without you, hand them some brochures or a list of go-to the hotspots in town. You can also prepare a simple document for them linking to the best restaurants, museums, coffee shops, and parks that you recommend. Let's say you're from South Austin and a family member of yours is coming over during the holidays, send them a link to the best things to do in South Austin or best restaurants in 78704, local coffee shops in South Austin. It can help traveling around town more efficient and easy!

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