what to do with the spare room in your home

For several homes, having a spare room is a luxury yet homeowners use these rooms for either storing clutter or an empty guest room. Instead of leaving an unoccupied room in your home like that, repurpose and transform it into a functional area that you and your family can enjoy. Wondering what you can do with it?? Here are 7 tips on how you can transform that spare room into a usable area you'll love.

1. Home Office 

A home office is now essential for most homes nowadays as there are more companies shifting towards working remotely. It's highly recommended that you create a dedicated space just for work and that spare room in your house is the perfect area for your new home office. Furnish it with comfortable, ergonomic tables and chairs to…

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By Matt Lee

Focusing on curb appeal is one of the best ways to get your home sold quickly. If you’re looking to list your house, you’ll want to invest some time into boosting your home’s curb appeal. Your objective is to get as many prospective buyers through the door as possible, and focusing on your home’s exterior is a surefire way to do that. 

Even if you aren’t looking to put your home on the market, there’s still value to making your house look appealing from the curb. Whether you want to be the envy of the neighbors, woo potential buyers, or create a home that you can feel proud of – working on curb appeal is a terrific investment. 

What are some of the best exterior remodeling projects for your home that boost curb appeal? Here are…

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Natural light allows homeowners to save energy by reducing the use of artificial light in their homes. Natural light also has different benefits such as increased productivity, beats the blues -- making people happier and calm, plus it reduces the mold and mildew growth in your home keeping your space healthy. Unfortunately, there homes that are built with not much natural light coming in. From DIYs to professional remodeling projects, here are 8 ways to maximize natural light in your Austin home.

1. Lighter Wall and Ceiling Paint

Your interior wall colors are one of the first things you might want to change when it comes to increasing natural lighting in your Austin home. Choose a lighter color such as pure white which has a 100% Light…

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How to Choose a Floor Plan for Your HomeThe key to building the perfect home is by figuring out the floor plan that will suit your needs and cater to your lifestyle. There endless ideas when it comes to building your home whether you plan on having customized one-of-choose options provided by your home builder. Choosing the right floor plan for your home is one of the first steps to achieving your dream home. Now, this guide is not just for people looking into building a home. This is also helpful for homebuyers in order to determine if a home meets their needs.

Types of Floor Plans

First, here are the two types of floor plans buyers can select from when shopping for a new house.

Open Floor Plans

An open floor plan refers to a house with two or more spaces that are joined…

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How to Care for and Install Wooden FloorsWhen remodeling or constructing your home, you have different options to choose from for your flooring. One of the most popular options is wood flooring. It is naturally inviting, and it's a timeless material that beautifies your home. Deciding between the type of wood material may be a hard choice to make. This blog is your guide for your hardwood flooring. Know the difference, pros and cons, and the costs of laminate and hardwood flooring.

What is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood floors are harvested from trees and formed into plants, sanded down to become smooth. Hardwood flooring is 100% wood which also includes a petroleum-based factory finish. This type of flooring is known to be more durable compared to other wood counterparts. Hardwood…

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What to Know About Building an Austin HomeAre you looking into building your dream home in Austin in the future? Building a home is one of the biggest commitments anyone can have in their life. The process is exciting as it gets. However, there are some instances where mistakes are unavoidable, a reason why it's important to familiarize yourself with each process and stage in homebuilding. In this blog, we'll walk you through the different stages of building a home in Austin so you can see and understand what is involved.

As you build your own house, you will be dealing with various professionals with different roles and responsibilities. Most decisions will be coming from you while these professionals will be here to navigate you and bring your dream house to life. An Austin real estate…

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As the weather starts to get a warmer, sun's out, flowers start to bloom, and exciting festivals are just weeks away, spring cleaning or preparing your home for spring is an ideal thing to do. Maintaining your home throughout each season will benefit not just you, your family, but even the house itself. If you are one of the people that is looking into selling your home in Austin this spring, you have to check out our blog on when is the best time to buy or sell a home in Austin if you haven't read it yet, this blog will guide you on what to do to prepare your home for spring.

1. Clean Gutters

Carefully climb up a latter and remove as much debris as you can with your hands. Don't forget to wear protective clothing such as gloves and protective…

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Summer could be a few months away but nothing sounds better other than sipping your favorite cold beverage while taking a dip in a pool to beat the Texas heat. Most people would head outdoors to the nearest public swimming pools in Austin such as the local favorite, Barton Springs Pool located near the Barton Hills neighborhood, one of the popular residential areas in Austin. There are also a couple of hidden gems in Austin where you can find swimming holes in secluded areas within the region. But some love the privacy that they get with their very own swimming pool located in their homes. You might be eyeing having one installed on your grounds. Therefore, you might be thinking about the costs to build a pool in Austin, how long does it take, what are…

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Floor plans influence the home's construction and are one of the very important parts of any home building or renovation. If you are eyeing on building or renovating your home but aren't sure which floor plan is best, this blog is for you. We'll talk about the pros and cons of each and on which is the best floor plan for your home. Is it an open concept or a traditional/closed floor plan?

What is an Open Floor Plan?

Open floor plans refer to a house wherein two or more spaces are joined in order to form a larger space. This eliminates the partition walls that usually divide rooms into parts. A great example would be joining the kitchen, dining, and living room making it into a communal living space.

Pros of Open Floor Plans

1. Layout…

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New year, new hottest paint colors for 2020! In case you missed it, Pantone announced Classic Blue as the color of the year for 2020. We're pretty much excited to know what's in line for the other hottest colors that may dominate homes and commercial spaces. Now we've got the list, it's time to share it to you. Before anything else, let's do a quick recap with the top 5 paint colors from 2019.

Last year, Living Coral was named as 2019's color of the year. Neutral and earthy colors with a pop of color and saturated hues won as the trendiest paint colors for homes. Soft Clay, which resembles Living Coral, brings in natural tones such as desert and canyons in your home. Sherwin-Williams says that they're great alternatives to beiges and browns that…

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