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Think you’re going to miss the fun in summer? It’s not too late to have fun! We prepared a list for you to enjoy the last few weeks or days before summer ends. When it comes to live music, green spaces, delicious meals, and a vibrant nightlife, Austin surely tops the lists amongst other cities in Texas!


You might be overwhelmed with the countless things you can do here whether you are a tourist or someone who lives in the beautiful Bat City. We made things easier for you so we made a simple yet cool guide to fun things to do before summer ends in Austin!


1. Cool Off in Hamilton Pool Preserve

A beautiful and historic swimming hole within the Dripping Springs area. Water from the Hamilton Creek flows down to the limestone outcroppings

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Summer is about to come to an end soon, so let's wrap it up with a nice, juicy, and delicious barbecue feast! Recipes and flavors are truly important when it comes to grilling, but what makes them work are the techniques used. Here are some grilling tips you can take notes from for a successful grilling feast with your friends and family!

Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash

1. Preheat the Grill


Preheat your grill for 10-20 minutes to make sure that it reaches the right temperature and to kill any bacteria in the grill grate. Your grill should reach 500°F with its lid closed. For high heat, it will range from 400-450°F and 250-300°F for low heat.


Heat helps loosens bits of food left on the grill grate and makes it easier to brush

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The battle for the best smart speakers for homes are tough; with recent developments between Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, it might be a challenge in choosing which is better for your home. In this blog, we’ll lay out a comparison guide between Google Home and Amazon Echo, also known as Amazon Alexa, to help you figuring out which is best for your home, needs, and budget!


Both smart speakers are booming in the market. Obviously, it does make it easier and convenient for consumers to have these gadgets at home. From news, weather, conversion, facts, controlling the lights and devices in your home, and more; everything is just a “Hey Google...” or “Alexa...” away with these devices. Let’s now start off with the comparison.


A Little About

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Austin has a great number of delicious restaurants and food trucks around the city. It is known for its traditional barbecue, mouth watering Tex-Mex dishes, and a fusion of different cultures in a plate! Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to the top places to eat in Austin, Texas!


Our guide consists of some of the top-rated restaurants and food trucks in Austin. Get to know more about them below!

1. Chez Zee American Bistro

Photo from Chez Zee American Bistro Website

5406 Balcones Dr

Austin, TX 78731 - $$


The family-friendly American restaurant was established in 1989 and is known for their amazing desserts and weekend brunch! They also have a bakery for your pastries and bread. Chez Zee American Bistro specializes in

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Are you visiting Austin for a business trip, seeing a friend, or planning on a vacation in ATX? Well, here are 12 things to expect when visiting Austin, Texas! If you are not sure where to begin with, let us lead you the way to the quirky, hip, and beautiful city of Austin!


1. Music

live music in texas

Austin’s music scene is one of the things you will want to look forward to in your visit. Aside from being known as the Bat City, we are also the Live Music Capital of the World! Don’t be surprised if you hear music once you arrived. Austin’s music will greet you from the airport to grocery stores, and anywhere you go. We have over hundreds of venues where you can listen to free, live music.

2. Food

austin texas bbq

Who doesn’t love food? You’ll never go hungry on your

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Got plans for summer with your family? If not yet, think about this, what’s the best way to beat the heat in Austin? Take a cold drink, make use of the AC, or have some fun and cool down by taking a dip or swimming in these spots within Austin! We have listed 10 Best Family Swimming Spots in Austin, Texas. Check out our list and see if you find a swimming spot near you!


1. Barton Springs

One of the most popular swimming spots in Austin is Barton Springs located within the grounds of Zilker Park. Aside from the beautiful houses within the area also lies the recreational outdoor swimming pool filled with water from the Main Barton Spring which is the fourth largest spring in Texas. The temperature hovers between around 68°F to 74°F. Not just

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If you are a huge fan of culture, art, delicious food, live music, and hippie vibes, we welcome you in this eclectic and lively city! We'll be giving you the top 5 reasons why you should move to Austin. Aside from being the Best City in America for three consecutive years, Austin is named to be one of the fastest-growing cities as well. The unemployment rate of the city is decreasing while the GDP and GMP have been rising. The city has also ranked 3rd with the lowest crime rate.

Austin is a great place for students, young professionals, families, and even retirees! If you are thinking of moving to the Bat City in the Lone Star State, here are the top reasons why you should move to Austin.

1. Superb Food

Who doesn’t love food? If you’re

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This is the decades-old question of whether, at any given point in a market's upswing, is it better to rent vs buying in Austin.  We often hear potential Austin home buyers saying things like "The Austin real estate market looks like it may peak and I'm wondering if I should wait until prices go down before I buy Austin tx real estate".  Well, it's hard to time any market and, from the studies we've seen, why would you want to try?  

As long as interest rates stay anywhere near the level they are at now, it will likely be better for consumers to rent a home in Austin vs buying a home in Austin.  See this article from CNC where they state that in every one of the 100 biggest metro market's, buying a home was found to be the more affordable path over

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matt fajkus interior design austin

Matt Fajkus Architecture

MF Architecture is an award-winning, licensed architecture office that welcomes residential and commercial projects, both small and large. The brilliant mind behind designing some of the best Austin homes and commercial spaces in Austin is Matt Fakjus.

Matt, a native of Austin, holds a Master in Architecture from Havard University Graduate School of Design where he completed his thesis work with Pritzker Prize-winning architect Rafael Moneo. In 2010, Matt established MF Architecture and achieved significant experience in architectural practice. He worked in numerous high-profile, international large-scale projects, as well as small-scaled award-winning projects. He was then awarded two AIA National Emerging

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Being more efficient is one of the important aspects you have to look at while working with a team. You want to make sure that your team is in the track especially in the real estate industry, it can be difficult to find the perfect collaboration tool that suits your team since most of them are on the move. That’s where we decided to make use of what technology has to offer us and find the best collaboration tool that is out there which is Facebook Workplace. In this blog, learn how Facebook Workplace for Real Estate has reshaped our company.

Of course, our great team deserves great tools when it comes to collaboration. The functionality of Workplace has transformed us by creating a company culture that we did not have before.

We are aware

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