Children possess an innate sense of curiosity that draws them to explore their surroundings, particularly when encountering unfamiliar objects within their homes. Unfortunately, this curiosity can sometimes lead to accidents, with over 3.4 million children experiencing home-related injuries, including falls, burns, and other mishaps, annually in the United States alone.

While home injuries are prevalent, taking proactive measures and making necessary changes within your household can significantly reduce the risk of such incidents. By implementing a few practical tips and adjustments, you can fortify your home against potential hazards and enhance the overall safety of your kids.

1. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are an excellent security tool when…

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Livability, stunning scenic views, and top-rated schools are some of the main factors why neighborhoods located in Northwest Austin are sought-out by home buyers and renters. This fast-growing area in Austin offers a serene, quiet, and family-friendly environment. Most neighborhoods are just a couple of minutes away from Austin tech companies, shopping, dining, and event venues.

Homes in Northwest Austin features spacious floor plans, vacant lots perfect for mansions, and green spaces for fitness activities and relaxation. If you are looking for a neighborhood in Northwest Austin, you've come to the right place for we'll be listing down the best neighborhoods in Northwest Austin.

1. Avery Ranch

Avery Ranch is a 1,800-acre master-planned…

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By Desiree Miller

A no-maintenance yard is just a dream, but a low-maintenance yard? Totally possible, even in Austin’s sometimes-challenging climate.

What you need is a yard that can withstand the scorching summers, flash floods of spring and fall, and the occasional hard freeze of winter. It sounds like a tall order, but here are six low maintenance landscaping ideas for your Austin home.

lawn maintenance

6 Steps to a Low-Maintenance Austin Yard

1. Rain Garden

Flash floods are just a matter of when in Austin. The more permeable cover you have -- meaning ground that absorbs water -- the less likely the excess water will end up in your street or your house. 

A rain garden is the perfect answer -- a garden in a small depression in the ground, that…

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Are you planning to purchase, build, or renovate a home for your senior family members? Will they be living with you so you have to do some changes to make your home friendly for them? For the elderly, a home that is safe, comfortable, and accessible to live in is the most important factor. There are several things you need to consider when making a senior-friendly home for your loved ones.

Keep in mind the mobility and dexterity of the elderly living within the house since there could be some daily activities that may be easy for you but due to their old age, might not be suitable for them. Consider the following design options that will make the home safe and secure for the elderly. Here are some tips and tricks that can be very useful to create a…

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