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Home warranties are confusing in it of itself, so how do you know which company is the best option for you? On Friday, 8/30/2019, we will be going LIVE with Miriam Hinson of Home Warranty of America to go over how to choose a home warranty company and plan when purchasing a home.

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Radio Coffee and Beer is one of the highly-rated shops in South Austin when it comes to coffee and beer. Fresh and delicious food is served as well as cold and clean beer. When it comes to their coffee, if it doesn’t meet their standards, then it will be remade. The service is also exceptional. These are some aspects that make Radio a one of a kind coffee shop in Austin.

best coffee shop in south austin radio coffee

The place has also become one of the favorite hangout spots in South Austin for those that are looking for a quick bite or a chill beer to drink. Radio has an open space that caters to the best parts of your local coffee shop and beer garden. Great atmosphere and nice oak trees surround the place. Plenty of seating are available indoor and outdoors. There is also live music in

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When is it time to stop renting a home and seriously consider buying your own place? That's a personal question and a very personal decision -- it really depends on your lifestyle, your finances, your employment plans, and many other factors that could make buying a house a really good idea, or an absolutely terrible one.

To figure out where you are on the homeownership spectrum and decide what the best move is for you, personally, here are 5 signs that you should probably keep renting and 11 indicators that it's time to think seriously about buying a house. 

Signs that you should keep renting

You're not confident that your income will increase in the future

In many markets, you don't actually need to make a lot of money in order to buy a house, but

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So we are doing the best coffee shop in the south Austin segment and this place is definitely a contender. I am going to cosmic coffee right now and there's a Crux Climb and Jump and The Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery. So I come here a lot the mostly drink iced coffee and I think it is a good way to tell if the coffee is really good. So also the atmosphere, this place is up for atmosphere and coffee.

cosmic coffee and beer austin texas

Cosmic Coffee and Beer was established by native Austinites that were inspired by Austin’s local culture and heritage. It is also a nationally recognized wildlife habitat that provides food, shelter, and water for a variety of creatures. They provide a wonderful environment that embraces the principles of sustainability and regenerative

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When home prices continue to rise (and rise!) all over the country, some would-be homeowners are thinking about alternative paths to homeownership -- like teaming up with friends to buy a house together. This isn't a new solution, but it can feel very unusual for people who have never done it before or who don't know anybody else who's joined forces with friends to buy a residence. And like most big life decisions that aren't all that common, it's smart to research your options before you commit to one path over another.

If you have a friend you'd consider tapping as a real estate partner, then make sure you're covering all your bases before you sign any documents. Buying a house together isn't as permanent as marriage or divorce, but extracting yourself

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Whether you’re preparing your home for listing it up for sale or to spice things up, there are two words that may come up in your mind: remodel and renovate. These words can be usually heard in interior design, construction, and real estate. It may confuse some property owners when choosing which is right for their home.

Both of the processes are very different and are interchangeable but this will depend on the type of work that is needed to be completed. We’ll break it down for you the difference between remodel vs renovation and which between the two if perfect for your home.

 remodel vs renovation

Difference Between Remodel vs Renovation

Remodeling means to change the structure or form of something. Therefore, when you are remodeling your home or a part of it,

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Team Growth

August has been a great month settling into my new role as a team leader. I resisted hiring for years, (aside from Emma, of course) because I believed that hiring and training agents would be a distraction from running my business.

I've watched so many agents get busy and frustrated, and hire a new agent they hope will save them from their own chaos. The problem is, agents often hire before stopping to ask themselves if they should get more efficient first. As we all know, busy is not the same as productive or profitable. So agents hire into their inefficiency and create more inefficiency. I myself was guilty of this mistake several years ago.


Our team: Morgan, Emma and me at

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Nothing tastes better in cool or warm weather than coffee itself. When it comes to really good coffee, we know that finding the right cup of joe is definitely important. With plenty of coffee shops within 78704 - South Austin, it can be a challenge to choose your favorite!

We gathered a list of our best 78704 coffee shops that you should visit for your next cup!


1. Cosmic Coffee and Beer

Price Range: $$

121 Pickle Rd

Austin, TX 78704

cosmic coffee 78704

Located near St. Edwards University is one of our favorites, Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden. They offer specialty coffee, cocktails, locally brewed draft beer, and more. The ambiance of the shop is unlike any other you might have encountered. The atmosphere is family-friendly which means you can also

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