Fourth of July celebrations this 2020 may be different than how we used to celebrate it. Some events have been canceled and modified due to the current situation where everyone’s well-being is vital. Despite that, here are some events and activities you can do to celebrate the Fourth of July in Austin, social distancing style.

1. 4th of July Celebration at Blue Starlite Mini Drive-in

For a one of a kind Fourth of July celebration in Austin, Blue Starlite will be playing different movies such as Independence Day, Cabin in the Woods, Dirty Dancing, and Jaws. A fireworks show will then be held after on their screen. Bring some goods from home so you don’t have to leave your car once you’re in the grounds.

2. Red, White, Buda Fireworks Show


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Submitting a Multiple Offer for a Buyer in Austin Real Estate

This is really important because this is so prevalent in our market right now, I think we have about two months worth of inventory. So you really want to study these practices and really get your offer in and in really coasts the agents do the best you can to try and win, right? So you want to make sure that your offer is easiest to read, everything is lined out. We recommend read the MLS listing and attachments carefully. They're often instructions that can guide you in writing and they're often are not instructions. You want to have all the seller disclosure signed, you know, have the T-47. You want to package this up so that the listing agent knows that you're going to be easy to deal…

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In this discussion, our real estate experts delved into the intricacies of FollowUpBoss, a platform equipped with an array of features that can significantly enhance your lead conversion strategies. Join us as we walk you through the essential features, best practices, and actionable insights that can supercharge your real estate journey.

Enhancing Email Marketing

FollowUpBoss's email marketing capabilities and the critical role they play in lead nurturing. By sending emails on your behalf, the system gathers valuable data and offers a new level of insight into your leads' engagement.

Importance of Email Open Rates

Under the microscope, Ryan explores the open rates of batch emails, revealing valuable trends and insights. With open rates…

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Some things might have changed with this year's Father's Day but this won't stop you planning the best weekend for your dad. Whether you are planning to make the most of social distancing or spend it at home, here are some 10 fun activities to help you plan out a memorable Father's Day with your dad.

1. Camping

Pack your camping gear and take dad for an adventure in different camping spots around Austin. Do take note that during these times, if you plan to go camping, don't forget to visit the park's website for any reservations, alerts, and closures before you plan your camping trip ahead.

2. Fishing

Reel 'em in! Cast your line in some of Austin's top fishing spots. You can catch catfish, sunfish, and largemouth at the Walter E.…

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