Open vs Closed Floor Plans: The Pros and Cons

Floor plans influence the home's construction and are one of the very important parts of any home building or renovation. If you are eyeing on building or renovating your home but aren't sure which floor plan is best, this blog is for you. We'll talk about the pros and cons of each and on which is the best floor plan for your home. Is it an open concept or a traditional/closed floor plan?

What is an Open Floor Plan?

Open floor plans refer to a house wherein two or more spaces are joined in order to form a larger space. This eliminates the partition walls that usually divide rooms into parts. A great example would be joining the kitchen, dining, and living room making it into a communal living space.

Pros of Open Floor Plans

1. Layout Options

Get creative with how you want to layout your area and especially with the furniture pieces to place within the room. The aesthetics of open floor plans are usually associated with modern and contemporary styles. Depending on how you see it, it might be easier or difficult to design or stage your home. Your home's design will need to be cohesive, coordinated fro, the living room, dining, and even your kitchen.

2. Safety

If you have children at home, it will be easier to watch over them. Whether you are in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room, you can keep an eye out for them. This also goes to people with special needs and the elderly that will need constant supervision. If you have surveillance cameras, it will also be easier to pick up the views around your home.

3. Cleanliness

Most open floor houses only have one type of flooring which makes it easier to clean. You won't be required to switch between a broom, vacuum, and a mop! This makes everything fast to work on as well.

4. Accessibility

Without the walls, people can interact and move around easily. This is best for socializing or interacting with your family members or guests. You get the chance to keep the conversation going even while you are prepping in the kitchen. Open floor plans offer layout flexibility and traffic flow. It is also more accessible for people who also use mobility aids.

5. Real Estate Value

Open floors may also have an advantage when it comes to real estate. Although this will still depend on the market, location, and home style. Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular that about 70% of home buyers opt to view open floor plans in homes.


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Cons of Open Floor Plans

1. Costs

It can get expensive to cool and heat an open floor plan. This is because of the larger space and the temperature and escapes easily.

2. Privacy

In an open floor plan, the noise could echo a little. If you have guests around, it might be hard to keep the noise from the living room to the rest of your home's space. Privacy could be a problem too since, without doors or walls that separate each room, it can be a little difficult to do certain tasks without others seeing you.

3. Smell

Open floor houses typically have a kitchen that is open to the living areas of the home such as the dining and the living room. Some people dislike certain smells of some dishes you might be cooking at home. The odor then travels throughout the house.

What is a Closed Floor Plan?

A closed floor plan, also known as a traditional floor plan, has smaller sized rooms that are dedicated for cooking, eating, relaxing, or working. Closed floor plans offers more functional houses and separate the rooms into distinct areas.

Pros of a Closed Floor Plan

1. Privacy

This is the number one pros of closed floor plans. You get the privacy you need due to the partition, walls, and doors throughout your home. An example is when you have guests over and you need to do a phone call, just go to the kitchen and the walls will cover up some noise from the living room.

2. Design Theme Variations

Compared to an open floor plan, closed floor plan houses enables you to have different designs throughout your home since there are walls and door that separates each room. With more walls, it allows you to add more artwork which makes your home unique.

3. Noise Control

Walls and doors offer sound-proofing and places for privacy in your home. It limits the sound that circulates around your space. An advantage if you have guests over and only want to entertain them in a specific part in your home.

4. Reduced Costs

With closed floor plans, it minimizes the heating and cooling costs. You'll only need to heat and cool the rooms that are in use. This saves you more on energy bills.

5. Different Room Functions

You have more opportunity to create specialty rooms with a specific purpose for each room. Some examples are the gym room, study room, a division between your living room and dining area.

Cons of Closed Floor Plans

1. Space

Closed/traditional floor plans can make your home feel cramped. There may be areas in your home that could get a little crowded especially in an event if you have guests over. It could make the home appear smaller and chopped.

2. Isolated

If open floor plans offer accessibility, some homes with closed floor plans don't. If you have small children, you might tend to have a hard time to look over them as you go over your other tasks at home. Since rooms tend to be separated in this type of floor plan, you could also miss out the happenings in the entertainment areas especially on socializing.

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