West Austin is located west of MoPac, but it also winds all the way up through to Lake Travis and is inside of the gorgeous hill country of Austin. The homes are bigger, the prices are taller, and the lifestyle is meant for those that are looking for the finer things in life, as well as excellent education for their children.


  • Neighborhoods in West Austin
    • Northwestern Hills
    • Tarrytown
    • Westlake Hills and Rollingwood
    • Bee Cave
    • Lakeway
    • Steiner Ranch
  • Traffic and Commute Times in West Austin
  • Things To Do in West Austin

Neighborhoods in West Austin

We've got Northwest hills, Tarrytown, Westlake Hills, Rollingwood, Bee Cave, Lakeway, and then finally Steiner Ranch.

Northwestern Hills

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South Austin is home to the trendiest and hippiest neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. With a great mix of old Austin charm and new trendy residents, this neighborhood is one that you don’t want to miss out on. 

The neighborhood is also home to the famous South Congress Avenue, which is a bustling street that has plenty of restaurants, shops, and bars. It’s also known for its unique shopping experience where you can find everything from vintage finds to local artisans.


  • Neighborhoods in South Austin
    • Oak Hill
    • Circle C Ranch
    • Maple Run, Cherry Creek, Garrison Park, Shady Hollow
  • Working in South Austin
  • Living in South Austin

Neighborhoods in South Austin

Oak Hill, Circle C Ranch, and then a…

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Park Place at Old Mill is a new townhome community in Cedar Park. We hardly get any new construction in Cedar Park, but we’re having all these different projects coming out and it’s awesome.

Some of these townhomes are going to feature rooftop decks overlooking the brand-new park that will be located within the community as well. If you’re looking for some new construction or an investment property in the North Austin suburbs in Cedar Park, Texas, you definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity.


  • About the Builder
  • Location
  • Floor Plans
  • Homes for Sale in Park Place at Old Mill
  • Schools
  • Traffic and Commute Times
  • Amenities in Park Place at Old Mill

About the Builder

The builder of these…

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The luxury market is showing major signs of slowing down. How does this impact you as a potential seller or buyer? We’ve got Wade Giles of Giles Group Austin and we’re going to cover what has happened in the luxury market, how the inventory is, what we’re expecting in the near future, and what opportunities there are for you as a buyer or seller in the luxury real estate market.


  • Luxury Market in Austin
  • Austin Luxury Homes Inventory
  • Why Are People Selling Their Homes?
  • Inflation Impacts Sales
  • Builder Inventory
  • The Future of the Austin Luxury Market
  • Connect with Wade

Luxury Market in Austin

There are two components of the luxury real estate market. We've got luxury property which is one and…

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Why does the fed raise interest rates? Well, we know it's to cool off inflation but this is complicated stuff when it gets down to it. Real estate agents need to have a basic understanding of how inflation works and why the Fed does what it does. A few weeks ago I was having happy hour with my good friend, Max Leaman and he went into detail about it.



  • Consumer Price Index Definition
  • Inflation and Mortgage Rates
  • Why is the Fed Raising Interest Rates?
  • What Happens the Fed Didn’t Raise the Rates?
  • What is an Interest Rate Buydown?
  • How Does the 2-1 Rate Buydown Work?
  • Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?

Consumer Price Index Definition

CPI or Consumer Price Index is a measure of inflation and…

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East Austin is truly exciting. As one of the fastest gentrifying areas in the country, you will find an amazing combination of old and new sprinkled throughout its many neighborhoods. 

Historically, East Austin was a working-class neighborhood and rich in culture for the African-American and Mexican-American communities. However, with a rapid resurgence of redevelopment, East Austin has become a cultural melting pot with art studios, galleries, cocktail bars, cafes, and so many food trucks. 

Beloved taco areas and barbecue joints now rub shoulders against modern condos, fancy restaurants, and refurbish bungalows that house groovy hair salons with names like Peacock and Orbitz. 

Throughout the neighborhood, you can find coffee shops, per capita…

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