We're past the half-year mark and the Austin real estate numbers are in. I sat down with Chris Jacob of Housing Report and Christina Beitler with Loan People and went through the numbers to see where we currently stand with inventory, pendings, active listings, and what we think the market will do in the next 12 months. 



  • The Mid-Year Austin Real Estate Market Report
  • Current Mortgage Environment
  • Jumbo Loan Rates
  • Realtime Statistics
  • What Agents Need to Know About the Mid-Year Real Estate Market Report
  • Why Agent Representation Matters
  • Timing the Austin Real Estate Market
  • Tax Rate Predictions

The Mid-Year Austin Real Estate Market Report

The Austin real estate market is in an interesting…

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Austin has an affordability problem and there are solutions. Will our city council take the necessary steps to fix these issues? I interviewed Chris Affinito with Heartwood Real Estate and we’re going to jump into some of the big issues in Austin that we see with development and density.

  • About Chris Affinito
  • Obtaining Building Permits in Austin, Texas
  • Proposed Changes to Austin Zoning
  • Vertical Mixed Use Development
  • Compatibility Setbacks
  • No-brainer Ways to Solve Affordability in Austin
  • The Reyna
  • Affordability Waivers
  • Final Thoughts on Affordability
  • Connect With Chris

About Chris Affinito

Chris grew up in New Jersey, about 45 minutes from New York City. He went to school for undergrad at Villanova, in the…

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