Are you celebrating the holidays in Austin? In this blog, we compiled the places where you can get food, a list of Austin holiday activities, and gift ideas from local businesses to get you in the festive mood.

Where to Get Food for the Holidays in Austin?

1. Contigo Catering

The MLK restaurant's branch is offering a variety of Christmas meals! Contigo is offering meal packages from charcuterie boards to full-on meals, cocktails, sides, and desserts. They also offer deliveries and requires a four day advanced noted. Book online. 

2. TLC

This Texas seafood restaurant is offering an applewood smoked bone-in ham-based holiday meal package that includes plenty of sides and desserts to choose from! Meals are from $285 and add-ons range from…

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Austin, Texas Skyline | Best Blogs About Living in AustinAustin is undeniably one of the best cities to live in America. For the past years, Austin, Texas has been consistent when it comes to ranking the Best Places to Live, Best Places for Career Growth, and Best Places to Relocate in America. It's undeniable that the beauty, attractions, lifestyle, and livability of the City have contributed to being one of the best places to live in. The fast-growing city has attracted families, students, young professionals, singles, couples, and retirees to relocate to Austin.

Austin is a moderately-expensive place to live in, however, it's one of the affordable metro-cities compared to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and San Francisco. The tech industry in the area is thriving. Home to Dell, plenty of other large tech…

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Today's technology enables people to work from home. With the current global situation, more companies are moving from onsite to working remotely.

Based on a recent article from Fox Business, more corporate jobs and remote workers have been lured to move to Austin due to its affordability and low tax rates. It was announced this year that business relocations to Austin are expected to create nearly 10,000 jobs; the City's highest figure for a single year according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. This helps offset the effects of the pandemic to the tourist-dependent businesses. 

For some, the environment at home can make them feel unproductive; this makes working from the home way different versus working in an office setting. Distractions are…

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Renting vs Buying a Home in Austin, Texas | Spyglass RealtyThis is the decades-old question of whether, at any given point in a market's upswing, is it better to rent vs buying in Austin.  We often hear potential Austin home buyers saying things like "The Austin real estate market looks like it may peak and I'm wondering if I should wait until prices go down before I buy Austin tx real estate".  Well, it's hard to time any market and, from the studies we've seen, why would you want to try?  

As long as interest rates stay anywhere near the level they are at now, it will likely be better for consumers to rent a home in Austin vs buying a home in Austin.  See this article from CNC where they state that in every one of the 100 biggest metro markets, buying a home was found to be the more affordable path over…

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