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6 Ways to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Posted by Ryan Rodenbeck on Tuesday, July 7th, 2020 at 3:15pm

Pet owners will do anything to give their pets the best treatment and sanctuary at home. If you have pets, it's important to provide them a good environment. There are certain things you need to know as a pet owner that will keep your house and surroundings a haven for your furry friends. Here are some great tips you need to know that you can apply in your current home or if you are finding a new home to move into.

ways to make your home pet friendly

1. Consider Flooring

If you have pets that love to roam and play around the house, the harder the flooring, the better. You'll want to look into scratch proof flooring such as tiles which also provides a cool place for dogs during hot weather. Wood can be another option for you to choose from although you have to choose the harder ones such as oak and mahogany. Avoid carpets if you have pets. It harbors bacteria and especially fur.

2. Pet-Friendly Furniture

When choosing furniture for your home, think about the type of material used. No one wants a home that smells unpleasant and filled with pet hair. Steer away from white and delicate materials such as velvet or corduroy. Find stain-resistant furniture and look into materials such as leather and synthetic fibers for your sofa. Don't forget to think twice when getting a table with wooden legs. It could be your cat's next scratch toy or your dog's chew toy.

3. Good Vacuum Cleaner

Every homeowner's that owns a furry friend will know the struggles of having to deal with pet hair. It's ideal to vacuum at least twice a week so investing in a great vacuum cleaner that will get the job done will be worth it especially if you have a shedding breed. Brushing your pet's hair will help decrease the amount of shedding that could end up in your furniture.

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4. Hide Electrical Cables

Puppies are prone to chewing almost anything that they can find in your home. Make sure to hide electrical cables to keep them away from harm. You can also make use of a cable protector to make them chew-proof.

5. Houseplants

Not all houseplants are pet-friendly. Be aware that they can be dangerous to your pets once they chew on them. Azaleas, Tulips, Chrysanthemum, and English Ivy are some houseplants that are not safe around your pets. If you plan on having plants inside your house, opt for the tall ones or research hazardous plants to keep your pets safe.

6. The Playzone

Find a space in your home and turn it into a play space for your furry friend. Outdoors, if you have a yard, designate that are as their play space. While indoors, store their toys neatly, out of the view yet accessible for them.

Creating a pet-friendly home is one of the keys to maintaining a clean and safe home for you and your pets. By following these tips, you'll be able to minimize or avoid accidents and achieve a clean and good environment for you and your pet.

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