Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet?

spring cleaning in austin texas

It's that time of the year once again for some serious decluttering, organization, and cleaning. Spring cleaning! Love it or hate it, cleaning can be a good exercise that benefits your health and well-being. It helps increase your productivity, sorts out your items, and reduces stress—the act of cleaning and the reward of having a neat and tidy household is considered to be therapeutic for some.

Spring cleaning includes tidying up your walk-in closet. When was the last time you had it cleaned, organized, or even designed? If you can't remember, we're guessing that this may be the right time to conduct some spring cleaning. Here are some of our tips and tricks on how you can organize your Austin home's walk-in closet!

1. Closet Clean Up

Remove every single item from your walk-in closet and work from vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping the floor to dusting the top racks and shelves of your closet. Remove every item with the clothes that are hanging to be the last. Wipe down from the shelves, walls, to the rack until it's all squeaky clean. Imagine all the dust that has been accumulated throughout a long period of time.

2. Declutter

While you're in the process of cleaning, it is also the best time to start decluttering. This helps reduce unused clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories that serve as clutter in your walk-in closet. Keep only what you need. Is this item for long-term use? Do you really need it? Will you be able to use this in the next 3 to 6 months? If not, toss these into two different boxes: donate and sell. Donate items that aren't good for selling yet can still be used by others and sell items that you think have value to be sold. If you remember Netflix and Marie Kondo, you might want to try that out. If it doesn't spark joy, it's time to let that item go.

3. Store Away Out of Season Clothes

If closet space is still insufficient, even after decluttering and reorganizing, you should consider renting a 5x5 storage unit for your out-of-season clothing and footwear, or for other items you rarely wear, such as special occasion outfits. This way, you'll have easy access to the items you're using on a daily basis. Don't forget to wash and repair your clothes and other items that are out of season that you'll be storing away. Reuse your plastic storage containers or any other reusable bags where you can place your clothing, fold them tightly and neatly, store them at the very top or bottom of your walk-in closet, somewhere out of sight! If you think that it would take a while before you use those seasonal outfits, mothballs are indeed an effective solution to prevent insects from feasting on your clothes and other valuable!


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4. Redesign

Do you think that by doing some redesign, you'd be able to fit more items or make your walk-in closet less bulky? There are different ways that you can do to make your walk-in closet in your Austin home spacious or maximize its storage space. Work on the layout of your closet space. If you have a high ceiling, you can talk advantage of having a double rod in your closet therefore you can hang your shirts on top and your pants at the bottom. You can even think of adding a shelf in between to make use of that free storage space.

Use mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space within your closet, it also serves as a good addition for you to use while getting ready. Make use of ice trays to place your accessories, shoe boxes for organizing the insides of your drawer, a plain tray to put on top of a shelf where you can design it with some flowers and your favorite fragrances. Install a multi-level shelf, something that can be bought from your local furniture store for a quick and easy étagère which can also serve as a place to hang some bags or scarves!

5. Sort Strategically

When you are getting dressed, what garments do you take out of the closet or shelf? By sorting your clothes in a strategic manner, you can avoid rummaging through your clothing and going back and forth that could cause your closet to look disorganized especially if you're in a hurry. You can also think of sorting your clothes by occasion or by garment type!

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