November was a whirlwind of a month between traveling to North Carolina for the Inspiration Lab, working with lovely people like you, and Thanksgiving with family. Here are some high points from the month:

Real Estate Questions for Real

I started doing "Real Estate Questions for Real" videos about a year ago as an outlet for my desire to educate, share what I know, and empower people to make good real estate decisions. I didn't know it at the time, but teaching would become a huge theme for me in 2019. And I've learned this year that following your enthusiasm wherever it leads is an easy way to have more joy in your life. So rather than fighting my natural tendencies to learn, synthesize, ponder and educate, I've leaned into them and taken on…

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This is the second edition of our new series, Client Success Stories. These are transcripts of real interviews with our clients. We sit down with them to talk about their experiences buying and selling real estate and share tips on how you can be successful in this process. 

Christy and Christian originally called my husband Chris, at the advice of Davey EcEathron of Davey McEathron Architects a few months ago. They were looking at a rather complicated purchase on the east side that would require the formation of a two-unit condo regime and lots of renovations. Knowing that Chris deals frequently with two-unit condo regimes, permitting and development, Davey recommended that they talk to Chris before making any decisions. Ultimately, they decided…

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I'm not going to lie to you. Selling your home is a pain. Packing up all your stuff, letting strangers tromp through your home, MOVING. So how do you decide when it's the right time to sell your house? Here's my simple process.

1. It starts with a desire.

It all starts with some kind of desire to sell that outweighs the inconvenience factor. It's unique for each homeowner, but here are some examples:

  • You're moving to a new city.
  • The location doesn't fit your lifestyle anymore.
  • The floor plan doesn't work for you anymore.
  • Your financial situation has changed.
  • You hate your neighbors and their barky dog.
  • You can think of a few things you'd love to do with some extra cash.
  • The home needs maintenance and repairs that you don't…

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In November, I had the pleasure of presenting a talk at The Inspiration Lab conference in Wilmington, North Carolina to a group of women in real estate. The title of my talk was "Stress Less, Vacation More: How To Be Epically Efficient."

This video is a follow up to that talk with some practical next steps. 

In this video I cover:
How to practically apply the principles I used when transforming my business.

Principle #1: Capitalize on your mistakes

Practical tips:

-keep an issues log

-do a brain dump

-set aside time on your calendar to take a focused hour and build a resource to solve one or two issues

Principle #2: Book that trip before you're ready

-Because if you don't, you'll probably look up at the end of the year and you…

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  My First Training Program: The 6-Week Challenge for New Agents

In September, I had the pleasure of launching a six-week training program for two new agents at Spyglass. It was a ton of fun and the results were awesome. These two brand new agents together made over 700 phone calls, set 3 appointments and got one contract accepted in those 6 weeks. For those of you who don't know, it usually takes new agents for 6 MONTHS, not 6 weeks, to get their first deal under contract. I am so proud of their results.

Designing and delivering my very own new agent training program was pretty awesome. We covered lots of topics, including:

  • Finding your why
  • Selling authentically using the phone
  • Explaining contracts to clients
  • Objection handling

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What's New at Funky Homes of Austin*

A few months back, some big changes started happening in my business. It all started with a car ride with one of our interns at Spyglass. She was on a rather long drive with me to a home where we were going to shoot a video together, and she asked me a question that really took me off guard.

It was, basically, "Why aren't you more successful already?"

It's a sticky question to pose to someone, but I could understand it. I've posed the same question to a mentor in my life. He's done incredible things, but I always felt like he was capable of more than coaching people like me. I remember asking him "How come I still get to coach with you? Why aren't you on Oprah or something?" So I kind of understood her…

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This new series is transcripts of real interviews with our clients. We sit down with them to talk about their experiences buying and selling real estate, and share tips on how you can be successful in this process. 

Caitlin was referred to me by my friends, rockstar repeat clients, and amazingly prolific referral-senders Dan and Lauren. I've lost count at this point of how many fun clients they've played a part in introducing me to. But Caitlin was one of them. She was ready to settle into a home in Austin after living abroad for several years. We looked around Central Austin and ultimately settled on a renovated 1904 detached condo not far from our condo. So now she can come to hang out with her new best dog friend Rosie (my dog) and swim in our…

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Team Growth

August has been a great month settling into my new role as a team leader. I resisted hiring for years, (aside from Emma, of course) because I believed that hiring and training agents would be a distraction from running my business.

I've watched so many agents get busy and frustrated, and hire a new agent they hope will save them from their own chaos. The problem is, agents often hire before stopping to ask themselves if they should get more efficient first. As we all know, busy is not the same as productive or profitable. So agents hire into their inefficiency and create more inefficiency. I myself was guilty of this mistake several years ago.


Our team: Morgan, Emma and me at…

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July. Whew. Where do I start?

Our Team is Growing

First off, our team is growing! We added Morgan and Emily to our team in the last few weeks. You made that possible (and necessary) by being awesome clients and trusting me to help your friends and family too. So thank you!

In the last few months, Emma and I found ourselves in too many situations where we needed to be in two important places as once. We were having conversations like this... "Okay, you're writing up the offer for Jane and John... I'm going to write up the offer for Bob... so... who is going to show that house to James right now because the offer deadline for that is tonight and he needs to get in there."

The first few times this happened, it was exhilarating. Look at me, I'm…

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My forced digital detox

June sent me several blessings in disguise in the form of tech trouble.

First, I dropped my phone in the pool. While the newer iPhones are water-resistant, that doesn’t apply if you drop them, frequently, as I do. So after several days in rice, I accepted that my phone was no more, and filed an insurance claim for a new one.

All told, I spent about 4 days phone-less, and I have to say I have not been that relaxed in years.

This section got way too long, but I still think the content is worthwhile for anyone who is interested in how to live your life with less screen time. So if you're interested, read on here. 

Getting Zen in the Airport

I started this newsletter from the Austin airport when I wasn't sure if we'd…

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