October Newsletter: Upcoming Events

  My First Training Program: The 6-Week Challenge for New Agents

In September, I had the pleasure of launching a six-week training program for two new agents at Spyglass. It was a ton of fun and the results were awesome. These two brand new agents together made over 700 phone calls, set 3 appointments and got one contract accepted in those 6 weeks. For those of you who don't know, it usually takes new agents for 6 MONTHS, not 6 weeks, to get their first deal under contract. I am so proud of their results.

Designing and delivering my very own new agent training program was pretty awesome. We covered lots of topics, including:

  • Finding your why
  • Selling authentically using the phone
  • Explaining contracts to clients
  • Objection handling
  • How to build a referral business
  • Setting the agenda for buyer and seller appointments
  • Explaining marketing to a seller in a non-boring fashion
  • How to formulate a one-page business plan 
  • And more!

In short, it was a crash course in basic sales and, as my student Mel put it, "Life with humans." 

Some Upcoming Events

November: The Inspiration Lab

I've been invited to be one of the speakers for the Inspiration Lab Conference! The Rise and Shine conference will be on November 13 and 14th. The title of my talk is "More Vacation, Less Stress: How to be Epically Efficient". 

December: How to 3x your Referrals in 2020

Based on how fun and productive the 6-week session was, I'm toying with the idea of running a very small workshop in December about attracting referral business. The focus would be teaching agents how to ramp up their referral business in 2020.

I spent years getting almost no referrals. And then someone came along (Jasen) and taught me how to ask for them, and my referral business went through the roof. It's one of those things that's so easy if you just do it right.

Referrals were one topic I presented to my new agents during training, and it really landed with them. I could tell by the frantic note-taking that was going on. So I figured, they probably aren't the only ones.

If you're interested, drop me an email at isabel@spyglassrealty.com. Right now I'm thinking of a class for real estate agents, but I just might open it up to other small business owners if there is interest. Space will be limited to 10 people, so email me today if you're interested and I'll offer first dibs to my newsletter readers.

A Trip to Napa


In early October, we took a few days and headed to Napa for some wine tasting and great food. We went with my cousin Joy and her boyfriend Afshin. It was a bit of an adventure since most of Napa was without power when we arrived. We spent most of our time in Calistoga. We stayed in an amazing house in the woods that will probably be the topic of a future creepy short story I write.

It was this super awesome and super strange property tucked deep in the woods off a winding road (where no one can hear you scream). It was on 100 something acres on the edge of a mountain. There were multiple dwellings on the property surrounding a spring-fed pool that was approximately 50 degrees. I got in it and pretended I wasn't cold just to lure Afshin in there and watch him freak out. The property and gardens were decorated with various and sundry Buddhist art, including this incredibly creepy hand. Let me tell you, it's jarring to wake up to a silhouette of an undersized man crouched in the corner of your bedroom at 2 am, only to realize it's just a Buddha statue.

In the house, among other gems, I found a field guide to North American Mushrooms, which I merrily perused, and a set of Tarot cards, which I made everyone read with me.

The owners were on their property while we were there, staying in their trailer. Her name was Trixy. The trailer, I mean. Trixy and her owners, self-described "old hippies", have weathered several years of Burning Man.

And I haven't even told you about the wine yet! It was great. Our friend Jeff hooked us up with the royal treatment at Larkmead, and our friend Dan connected us with the vineyard GM of Silver Oak and Toomey and we got to go into the off-limits areas while everyone looked on enviously. (Thanks, Jeff and Dan!)


Aimee and Joe

Aimee and Joe have been working with us since February to find a condo in Central Austin. From early on, we zeroed in on the Denizen in 78704, where their friends, and my clients, Rob and Andrea, live. After looking at three units in the complex, and losing one in multiple offers, we finally WON one in multiple offers. I believe the love letter they submitted, along with this adorable photo, helped sway the seller.


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Joshua Circle

This awesome home in southeast Austin went pending with multiple offers after just 4 days on the market. We hit the market on Thursday night and very quickly had multiple buyers competing for the home. We reviewed offers on Monday night, and ultimately accepted a strong contract Monday. It was not, as you might expect, the highest offer we received. What ultimately won the bid for the buyer was two things: first, very strong terms and second, a delightful love letter. I'm telling you, those things work.


As I was reflecting back on how the sellers at Joshua made their decision, I felt inspired to try to explain my viewpoint on multiple offer situations, and how to successfully navigate them as a seller. You can find that here: https://www.facebook.com/isabel.tinker/videos/10215481795665199/




Ali was referred to us by our friends and prolific referral senders Dan and Lauren. Yes, the same Dan and Lauren who hooked us up with the VIP treatment at Silver Oak in Napa. Anywho, Ali was ready to buy a home in Central Austin and worked with me and Morgan to buy a new detached condo in east Austin. Ali initially thought it might be a tad too small for her. But she kept circling back to it as we looked at other options. Ultimately, she decided it was the right fit. As is typical in Austin, by then it was a multiple offer situation, and we were competing with cash. We were able to craft a strong offer and charm the developer (picture above) and agent and win the bid. Congrats, Ali, on your first home!

Jeff and Katie

Jeff and Katee worked with us for a second time this year to buy a brand new home, this time from Perry Homes in Georgetown. Since they love Rosie almost as much as I do, they asked me to bring her to closing, and I was happy to oblige.


Christian and Christy

Christy and Christian worked with me to sell their home in southeast Austin a few weeks ago and then bought a home in Bouldin. It's an older home on South 5th Street, and they had the delightful surprise of the existing drywall and finding longleaf pine on the walls. 

Congratulations, and thank you, to all of our delightful clients who supported our business in October!

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