Quarantine: Not Ideal, but Not All Bad

Well, April has been a month to remember, hasn't it? I saw something online recently that said "2020 sounded like the most futuristic year and now we’re all like 'I traded my neighbor a handkerchief for some carrots' "

That pretty much sums it up. I had big plans for 2020. I was going to get three businesses up and running, take a big trip to the British Virgin Islands with my family, and launch a whole new, perfectly planned decade. But it was not to be.

My big plans these days are:

  • Keep one business alive
  • Pay my team members
  • Watch the sunset
  • Order enough groceries to last a week
  • Keep a sourdough starter alive (her name is Rona)
  • Don't throw away any food unless absolutely necessary

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A Retreat in El Salvador

people doing yoga

In February, Chris and I took a trip to El Salvador with our friends Andrea and Kelly. Andrea is a fitness coach in Austin, and she was leading the retreat along with a yoga instructor from El Salvador.

This is usually the type of thing I would propose, but this time, it was Chris' idea. When he said, "Do you want to go do a fitness, yoga and surfing retreat in El Salvador?" My first thought was, "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?"

So in late February, we boarded a plane to El Salvador with Kelly and Andrea, and no idea what to expect.

The house where we stayed was about 45 minutes from the airport in San Salvador. It was in the beach town of El Tunco, which is apparently the most touristy…

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Mark Sprague of Independence Title, who is a real estate and financial analyst in the Austin market, has provided this awesome resource is to offer insight and context on how COVID 19 is currently impacting the Austin economy and real estate. 

Hopefully, this will help provide some answers to questions that you may have about what to expect to happen next. Thank you, Mark, for the great insight. 

austin texas skyline

1. What impact do you think COVID-19 will have on Austin’s economy?

SXSW was a loss of $500+ million annual to the local economy.

Housing is a positive light in Austin. Locally there is not enough shelter inventory in all channels. So real estate will probably have another good year.

If builders quit building, that actually causes values to…

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Dear Clients,

What strange times we're living in. It feels like every day is a whole new reality. We expect you're probably being bombarded with information right now. This email is to offer some context on how COVID 19 is currently impacting Austin real estate, and some thoughts about what we expect to happen next.

So far, Austin real estate has still been moving and we have not yet seen any significant impacts on pricing or inventory. As of the weekend of March 14th and 15th, there were still multiple offer situations happening in Central Austin. We had clients making offers, so we were in direct conversation with several different agents that weekend who were negotiating multiple offers for their seller clients. Although we did not directly…

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February was a great month. We're really hitting our stride and Morgan is rocking her role as an agent on our team, which has freed me up to focus on sales training for Spyglass and speaking on my current passion project: helping small business owners take time for themselves. 

Dynamic Selling: A Six-Week Sales Training Experience

Dynamic Selling is a program that I designed, along with Spyglass management, for our agents. The goal is to help them close more business with happier clients. Specifically, the program is focused on client enrollment and client conversion. It's all about how to take someone from the very beginning when they are considering buying or selling real estate, all the way to the closing table. I've included the most…

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What Am I Doing? 

In January, I've struggled with defining my new roles. A year ago, it was easy. I was a real estate agent, selling real estate mostly in central Austin. But it's not quite that simple anymore, and I'm still trying to find out how to explain myself to people. 

These days, I'm managing a real estate team and working with clients. I'm designing and delivering sales training for Spyglass. I'm doing a small amount of one-on-one business coaching. And I'm doing public speaking around the country.

That's a mouthful when someone asks "What do you do?" The real answer is, I have three jobs. And I'm trying to find one title to capture them all. 

Managing a Team

Real estate sales is still my primary focus and primary income…

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A Christmas Sunrise in Mexico

This year, Chris and I met his parents and sister in Mexico for Christmas. Specifically, Isla Mujeres.

This is the only photo I took because I was having too much fun.

The only bummer was that I got a cold while I was there. And almost every night I woke up around 4 AM to cough my brains out for a while before falling back asleep. One morning while we were there, I woke up and wasn't sleepy, so I read and tried to occupy myself for awhile. Eventually, I realized, around 6:30 AM, that if I got up and walked out to the beach, I could probably catch the sunrise.

So I did. I wandered down the beach until I found some rocks with a great view to the east and watched the sky change slowly from purple-gray to pink…

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I am delighted to be offering one-on-one coaching for small business owners. Coaching has made an enormous difference in my life on so many levels: income, the health of my business, my mindset, my ability to weather challenges, my capacity for happiness regardless of exterior circumstances. I know that good coaching in my life has been indispensable to my business thriving, instead of just surviving. And I'm excited to pay it forward. 

If you're interested to hear more about what I do, my principles, and what I offer, read on. 

What I Do and Who I Work With

I help workaholics, people pleasers and perfectionists find more joy in their days, and make more money as a side effect.

I work with small business owners who run high-value service and…

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This is an OFF-MLS property that has a great opportunity for light renovations and an easy value add. It is located in the Briarpatch neighborhood off of City Park Road near Greenshores on a large lot. 


  • 4 bedrooms (plus study)   
  • 5 bath
  • 3947 sqft
  • 1.3 acres

It is one of the original homes in the neighborhood. The builder actually built the home for themselves and lived in it. The seller is the second owner. It's been well maintained and could use cosmetic updates. For someone who wants to do all these cosmetic updates themselves, and get a good deal, now is a good time! 



Currently priced at $800K. 

Otherwise, it will be listed sometime in the Spring of 2020, after some market prep at…

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November was a whirlwind of a month between traveling to North Carolina for the Inspiration Lab, working with lovely people like you, and Thanksgiving with family. Here are some high points from the month:

Real Estate Questions for Real

I started doing "Real Estate Questions for Real" videos about a year ago as an outlet for my desire to educate, share what I know, and empower people to make good real estate decisions. I didn't know it at the time, but teaching would become a huge theme for me in 2019. And I've learned this year that following your enthusiasm wherever it leads is an easy way to have more joy in your life. So rather than fighting my natural tendencies to learn, synthesize, ponder and educate, I've leaned into them and taken on…

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