Stress Less, Vacation More: How To Be Epically Efficient

In November, I had the pleasure of presenting a talk at The Inspiration Lab conference in Wilmington, North Carolina to a group of women in real estate. The title of my talk was "Stress Less, Vacation More: How To Be Epically Efficient."

This video is a follow up to that talk with some practical next steps. 

In this video I cover:
How to practically apply the principles I used when transforming my business.

Principle #1: Capitalize on your mistakes

Practical tips:

-keep an issues log

-do a brain dump

-set aside time on your calendar to take a focused hour and build a resource to solve one or two issues

Principle #2: Book that trip before you're ready

-Because if you don't, you'll probably look up at the end of the year and you will be no closer to removing yourself from the grind. 


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Tools and Resources

Trello: great for project management. Here are links to my client boards.

Buyer Board

Seller Board

Loom for video recording: you'll notice a bunch of examples in my boards. You can check it out for yourself here

Books that inspired me include The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and Principles by Ray Dalio. (paid links)

What To Do Next

Just start! Do something this week. 
If you'd like more practical help from me or have specific questions, please comment below and I'll happily answer them. We may arrange a group call if that seems like a good idea based on the feedback.

And let's stay in touch! Find me on Facebook, Instagram or by email at


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