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I am delighted to be offering one-on-one coaching for small business owners. Coaching has made an enormous difference in my life on so many levels: income, the health of my business, my mindset, my ability to weather challenges, my capacity for happiness regardless of exterior circumstances. I know that good coaching in my life has been indispensable to my business thriving, instead of just surviving. And I'm excited to pay it forward. 

If you're interested to hear more about what I do, my principles, and what I offer, read on. 

What I Do and Who I Work With

I help workaholics, people pleasers and perfectionists find more joy in their days, and make more money as a side effect.

I work with small business owners who run high-value service and client-facing businesses. (Real estate agents, coaches, attorneys and lenders, for example.)

Being a real estate agent is the environment in which I've learned, and continue to learn, the skills I use to coach other small business owners. While real estate sales is my primary area of expertise, I have found that the skills I've learned in real estate apply broadly to small business owners who run client service businesses. These include attorneys, personal trainers, coaches, and any small business owners who make their living by enrolling clients in some kind of high-dollar, high engagement interaction that spans a significant period of time. 

I post about these types of things on Facebook, and video is one of my favorite mediums. Here's an example:

It feels weird to me to imagine coaching anyone about how to do something that I myself have not successfully done. And that's why I don't offer to coach people on climbing the corporate ladder, navigating company politics, salary negotiations, selling products, or building a huge social media following. These are all examples of things that might fall under the umbrella of "business" about which I am mostly clueless.

At some level, I can offer insights on each of these based on what I know about negotiation, basic human behavior and the psychology of sales that can help anybody facing any challenge. Once you understand how to negotiate well, how to understand and accept the complexity of people and how to sell something, those skills are broadly applicable. But beyond that, I have little to offer. I know there are great coaches and mentors out there for anything and everything you might want to learn. I look forward to meeting great coaches who specialize in the things that I don't, so if you know any I would absolutely love to connect with them.


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These principles should give you a good idea about whether we might be a fit to do some work together. I believe that strong principles are important to help small business owners maintain a sense of self outside their profession, and to make decisions with integrity and ease. Here are a few of my principles which I live by, and bring into my coaching. 

  1. The world needs you at your best. Take time for yourself to recharge.
  2. There's nothing sexy about being busy.
  3. Charging less than you know you should is lame. Be more, charge more.
  4. Boundaries clearly communicated are a kindness to everyone involved.
  5. The thoughts you think determine the life you live.
  6. Don't ignore your body. Drink water, move and eat vegetables.
  7. A lot of what you're currently blaming other people for is within your power to change. Own it.
  8. It's safe to be happy.
  9. Growth hurts. Do it anyway.
  10. Confidence is directly correlated with how regularly you keep promises to yourself.
  11. There is no work-life balance. Only work-life choices. Make choices you feel good about.
  12. Be kind to future you. Be grateful to past you. Love yourself right now.

Tools in my Toolbox

Here are a few of the tools I use to help small business owners find more time, space, control, income and joy in their businesses. 

  1. Time blocking
  2. Trello for client and project management
  3. How to structure meetings for client enrollment
  4. Objection handling tools and dialogues
  5. Meditation and breath work
  6. Gratitude journaling
  7. Client enrollment processes
  8. Finding your marketing happy place
  9. Psychology of sales
  10. One page business plan
  11. How to ask for referrals
  12. Using video for more efficient and powerful communication

If you're interested in discussing more, email me at


"It was an honor to be lead and inspired by Isabel through her business coaching. Her coaching not only provided me actionable items immediately applicable to my business, it also provided me introspection about my business and myself that’s deeper than what’s on the surface. I can truly say her coaching was able to help me beyond the business. I was provided accountability throughout our time together and saying Isabel went above and beyond her duties promised is an understatement. Truly grateful!" -Andy, Personal Trainer

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