December Newsletter | Sunrise in Mexico

A Christmas Sunrise in Mexico

This year, Chris and I met his parents and sister in Mexico for Christmas. Specifically, Isla Mujeres.

This is the only photo I took because I was having too much fun.

The only bummer was that I got a cold while I was there. And almost every night I woke up around 4 AM to cough my brains out for a while before falling back asleep. One morning while we were there, I woke up and wasn't sleepy, so I read and tried to occupy myself for awhile. Eventually, I realized, around 6:30 AM, that if I got up and walked out to the beach, I could probably catch the sunrise.

So I did. I wandered down the beach until I found some rocks with a great view to the east and watched the sky change slowly from purple-gray to pink while reflecting on how awesome it is to be alive. Then, to pass the time, I started doing yoga. You know, just some casual sunrise yoga, on a rock.

This attracted the attention of a nearby yogi, who stopped me as I was leaving the rock to go get some coffee and alert Chris that I was not, in fact, missing.

He asked, "Are you a yoga teacher?"

And when I said no, he replied "Good, then you have an empty cup. Come here."

That's when I thought "Uh oh. Here we go. I know this guy."

About a year or so ago, I took a yoga class in Isla where I was the only student who showed up. That means I got this Indian yogi's undivided attention for an hour and a half. At one point, I distinctly remember him holding me upside down by the knees in a Cirque du Soleil type-posture with my feet near my head while yelling "YOUR BODY IS YOUR KINGDOM! IT IS TIME TO RECLAIM YOUR KINGDOM!" I can best describe his general vibe as Rafiki from the Lion King.

30 minutes later, after doing a headstand with him on a rock, we were having an in-depth conversation about who I am. When I finally returned to the hotel room,  Chris asked,  "Were you on the beach this whole time?"  I nodded and when I began to tell him my morning adventures, he replied, "This would only happen to you."

Maybe he's right, and I don't hate it.

Gratitude for our Team in 2019

2019 has been a really big year for our team. We went from just me and Emma to four women total, adding Morgan, a full-time agent, and Emily, a part-time intern. It's been so awesome watching the team grow, learn, adjust, face challenges together and navigate so many exciting changes. I resisted growing for so long, and now I'm not sure I could go back. It makes me happy to know that for the sake of us and our clients, we have the right people in the right positions.

Of course, great people and a great culture make working as a team a lot of fun. We celebrated a great year with lunch in December at True Food Kitchen. Shoutout to these beautiful ladies that I'm blessed to call teammates.


Congrats to Amanda who closed at the LAAN in December. I know Amanda from my gym, Fortitude, and she waited patiently for a year for her new condo at LAAN in 78704 to be complete. Congrats Amanda! Thanks for being an absolute pleasure to work with.


We have two off-MLS listings at the moment.

The first, on Oak Shores Drive in 78730 is currently asking $800,000. This one is time-sensitive because if we don't have interested buyers in the next few days, the seller will be making updates and listing on the MLS in the spring.

This is perfect for someone who wants

  • Space (1.3 acres and 3900 SF of house)
  • A value-add minor renovation. (This home is structurally sound and could benefit from some cosmetic updates. I meet homeowners constantly who are looking for this combination, which is hard to find.)
  • A pool

Click here for more details and photos:


If any of these sound like you, or a buyer you know, email us at Also, follow us on Instagram: @FunkyHomesOfAustin

The second is a home in Del Valle which will be asking mid $200,000s for a newer home, built-in 2016. This is an updated, efficient home under $250,000, a quick drive to the airport and about a half-hour to downtown Austin. We'll be hitting the MLS in the spring most likely, but if you're interested before then, drop me an email at

Wishing you all a happy new year! I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store.

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