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Is It A Good Time to Buy a House in Austin?

Posted by Ryan Rodenbeck on Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 11:25am

Determining when to buy a home can be challenging especially for first time home buyers. There is plenty of competition that can drive the cost of a home to thousands of dollars above the listed price. You might be spending some time looking at the listings and thinking if today is the best time to buy a home in Austin.

Most folks know that spring is the hottest time in real estate, especially the first month of it. More homes are being listed during the season although it can still be a tricky process. Look out for the pros and cons you should weigh when it comes to purchasing your new home during spring. When the spring season ends, buyers might be missing out on some of the newly listed properties. 

Since spring has ended months ago and not too long soon, the holidays are coming. Now you could be thinking, is it still the best time to buy a home? When it comes to the seasonality of the market, there is a stigma in real estate shows that November to February are the slowest months due to the holidays and the low temperature within those months.

The good thing here in Austin, we aren’t affected compared to the North of the US. People are continuously making moves and looking at listings. Tech companies launching their campuses in Austin, the educated workforce, the quality of life which meets a person’s lifestyle needs, and the low cost of living in a place where everything can be found and loved are some of the factors on why the Austin real estate is still a hot market.

Now to answer the question, is it a good time to buy a home in Austin?

Regardless of any market conditions in Austin, if you are confident and stable with your finances, clear goals, and ready to purchase a new home, then it is a good time. But wait, here’s a takeaway you don’t want to miss. The key to a successful home buying experience is working with the best real estate agent in Austin.


Working With The Right Real Estate Agent

Choosing the best, professional, and effective real estate agent will help you purchase your new home in any market conditions, seasons and reduce your financial risk! It is important to have a thoroughly trained and experienced realtor that will guide you throughout the journey of finding your new home whether it is summer, fall, winter, or spring. At Spyglass Realty, our expert Austin real estate agents will definitely lessen your worries when you are looking for a house to purchase at any given time of the year.

Now if you are ready to buy your home, fill out the form below to talk to a specialist or check out our featured listings!

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