Simple Hacks to Create a Luxury Austin Home On A Budget

Creating a high-end designed home is a dream for many. Did you know that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to create a luxurious Austin home? A small budget can make your Austin home sophisticated, stylish, and comfortable that can impress your family and guests when they come over. With just a few changes and adjustments, you can turn boring rooms into elegant spaces. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve a luxury home on a budget!

1. Natural Lighting 

create a luxury austin home on a budget

Natural light allows homeowners not just to save their energy but as well as being able to make a room bigger and brighter. Natural light also helps increase your productivity and reduces the mildew and mold growth in your home which will keep your space healthy. Welcome enough sunlight in your house by opening the curtains or windows or investing some cash on mirrors that can make light bounce around the room creating an illusion of a bigger space as well.

2. Artworks

artworks on a home

Hanging art on the walls can make your home appear more expensive. A notable work of art that sets the tone for the room can grab the interest of anyone that walks in. It could be a painting, your favorite photograph, or any artistic décor that will become one of the visual interests in the room. You can either shop cheap artwork from online marketplaces such as Etsy or hang in a favorite photograph you have from a favorite trip of yours.

3. Statement Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Aside from being able to purify the air in a room, indoor plants can be a noteworthy statement in your home. Succulents, hanging plants, and other elegant indoor plants can enhance the atmosphere of almost any room. Plants are relatively cheap that can turn your home's interior into a high-end, luxury space. Ensure that you place them in the right areas or corners of the room so it also complements the furniture and décor in your space.


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4. House Odor

plants and candles in bedroom

Do you remember the last luxury hotel you've stayed in and how it smells like? When you close your eyes and remember a house or a place you've been to, we're sure you still somewhat remember the smell of it. As time goes by, we get familiar with how the odor of our homes. Aside from scented candles, baking a fresh batch of cookies, or sprays that can help make your home smell heavenly, eliminating the source of bad odor is the best way to make your home smell nice. Regularly clean your fabrics, furniture, set aside your laundry, take the trash out from the kitchen, or clean your carpets and rugs too. These can make a huge difference in how your home will smell like once you follow it.

5. Cozy Textured Pillows

pillows with texture at home

This applies to both your living room and bedroom. When you choose the right one, it can add a pop of color and a layered appeal to your space too. Some luxury homes avoid using bold and bright colors but rather select accents that can be helpful in emphasizing the room's scheme. Throw out your old throw pillows and replace them with new bright ones that can help accessorize your room and give an inviting appeal to your guests.

6. Spa-Like Bathroom

luxury room on a budget in austin

For a budget-friendly spa-like bathroom, there are a few low-cost options you can do to achieve a luxurious zen space in your home. Maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom. Store your essentials in uniform baskets on floating shelves or under your closed closet under your sink. Indoor plants can also effortlessly complement any style. Have towels readily available and robes hanging in your bathroom to complete the spa-like presence.

When it comes to creating a luxurious Austin home on a budget, creativity, and hunting for cheap decorative pieces that will complement your home are the simplest ways to achieve the sophisticated style you are aiming for.

If you are looking for inspirations on luxury homes in Austin, check out our listings to recreate your dream home on a budget!

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