How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Austin Home

Natural light allows homeowners to save energy by reducing the use of artificial light in their homes. Natural light also has different benefits such as increased productivity, beats the blues -- making people happier and calm, plus it reduces the mold and mildew growth in your home keeping your space healthy. Unfortunately, there homes that are built with not much natural light coming in. From DIYs to professional remodeling projects, here are 8 ways to maximize natural light in your Austin home.

1. Lighter Wall and Ceiling Paint

Your interior wall colors are one of the first things you might want to change when it comes to increasing natural lighting in your Austin home. Choose a lighter color such as pure white which has a 100% Light Reflective Value. If you don’t really like pure white, there are other lighter tones available since white comes in different shades and color tones. Blue and gray are also some colors you can choose from. Don’t forget about the ceiling! Painting it lighter will make your room larger and brighter. Opt with a satin or semi-gloss finish to enhance the reflective properties of the paint.

2. Add Mirrors

Similar to choosing paint colors that are satin or semi-glossy, mirrors are reflective which the light bounce around your home. Mirrors create an illusion of space. If you place it across a window or next to a window, natural light will cast into the room. The mirror trick will effectively double your light source especially if your space lacks a natural light source.

maximize natural light in your austin home

3. Trim Trees

Trees, shrubs, and bushes might be blocking your windows from natural light getting in your Austin home. Prune or trim it once in a while to allow the light to come in your home. You may also opt to replace low-lying plants and flowers that won't stop natural light from pouring in your home.

4. Replace Your Windows

With small windows especially in the darker areas in your home with little to no natural light, there will be a low chance of natural light entering that space. Replace your windows with thinner frames and an enlarged opening. This way it will allow more light to enter your home. 


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5. Reflective Walls

There are plenty of backsplashes for your kitchen and bathroom that are available nowadays. There are endless choices of reflective walls or tiles that you can utilize. High-gloss ceramic tiles and metallic tiles are some of the popular examples that show the maximum reflection of natural light within your home.

living room with natural light

6. Skylights

Skylights, also known as ceiling lights, are a unique and effective way to allow natural light to pour in your Austin home. Skylights are often used in spaces that are commonly used such as bathrooms and family rooms. They come in different shapes and sizes so you have several options to choose from. Remember to call a professional to help you with this project since you'll be needing to cut a hole in your roof and replace it with a skylight.

7. New Furniture and Décor

If you're in the market to replace your old furniture with something new, choose a color that will allow light to bounce around the room. It may be light blue, pure white, or beige can be helpful in attracting natural light in your home. Bright and rich colored décor and accents to your furniture will complement the look of your space.

8. Use Existing Windows

During the day, open your blinds or curtains. If you have heavy drapes, trade them for sheer curtains. You can also choose to have blackout curtains with sheer curtains behind. It will be useful especially in your bedroom during the day and night time.

Allowing natural light in your home is one of the most effective and efficient ways to brighten up your home without having to spend even a single penny. Explore our featured listings to find homes around Central Texas with gorgeous large windows and beautiful views you’ll admire!


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