How to Make A Senior Friendly Austin Home?

Are you planning to purchase, build, or renovate a home for your senior family members? Will they be living with you so you have to do some changes to make your home friendly for them? For the elderly, a home that is safe, comfortable, and accessible to live in is the most important factor. There are several things you need to consider when making a senior-friendly home for your loved ones.

Keep in mind the mobility and dexterity of the elderly living within the house since there could be some daily activities that may be easy for you but due to their old age, might not be suitable for them. Consider the following design options that will make the home safe and secure for the elderly. Here are some tips and tricks that can be very useful to create a senior-friendly Austin home.

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1. Well-Lit Space

As most of us get older, our sight tends to become weaker. Ensure that busy spaces such as the hallway and stairs gets increased lighting. A dark area within the house is an invitation for a bump or a fall. Front and back doors should also be well lit too. You may want to use energy-saving bulbs or have large windows that will maximize the entry of natural lighting.

2. Non Slip Flooring

Slippery surfaces often cause accidents at home. Due to aging, the ability of a person to move around is affected. Most elderly people become unsteady while walking or even while conducting normal daily activities making mobility a common issue with old age. The best flooring options for aging adults are Cork, Linoleum, Vinyl, and Hardwood. These flooring choices aren't just slip-resistant but are also comfortable and easy to maintain.


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3. Kitchen Modifications

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in an elderly person's home. Adding some lights under the kitchen cabinets will be very helpful that will shed on the countertop. Design your kitchen in a way where seniors will minimize bending and crouching. Have an open shelf and store items that are commonly used every time they bake or cook. Adjust the locations of the appliances as needed to make it convenient for them whenever they have to cook or bake.

How to Make A Senior Friendly Austin Home

4. Safer Bathrooms

It's recommended to install grab bars or safety rails for seniors to hold on to as this offers support while using the toilet or getting out of the shower. Floor tiles can also be very slippery which can cause minor accidents. Consider adding non-slip mats within the shower and rugs near the toilet and sink.

5. Higher Electrical Outlets

Most electric outlets are located a few inches off the floor which makes it difficult for seniors to crouch down whenever they have to plug and unplug appliances or devices. Request an electrician or your builder to install outlets that are higher than usual for convenient access.

6. Door Levers

Instead of a doorknob, consider installing door levers for easy open doors. They can also be used on faucets and kitchen cabinets. Levers are much easier to grip versus round doorknobs. Bone, muscle, and joint paint are a couple of issues that seniors experience as they get older. Having a door lever will be very much helpful in their Austin home.

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