Have you ever wondered where are people moving to in 2023? As if on cue, the whispers of cities echo through the bustling coffee shops and serene parks. We all know that place we've dreamed of—the perfect blend of opportunity, affordability, and lifestyle.

We're no strangers to change; it's a dance as old as time itself. Yet today's dance feels different because it is colored by unprecedented global events.

A shifting housing market… New remote work opportunities… Rising living costs in popular areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles… All these factors have shaped our decision-making process when choosing our next hometown. Let's gear up for an amazing trek across America—it's time to hit the road!


The 2023 Exodus: Top Destinations for American Movers

It's clear that moving trends in 2023 have been dominated by southern states. The U.S. Census Bureau’s net migration data from 2020 to 2021 data has revealed that most moved-to cities were in popular southern areas like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. But why are so many people relocating to these regions?

Southern States Dominate Moving Trends

Places like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina are topping our city list as hotspots for inbound moves. These increasingly popular destinations offer plenty of outdoor activities and recreational opportunities.

Texas is also seeing its fair share of newcomers with fast-growing cities such as Austin and San Antonio attracting movers from across the country. Let’s not forget about North Carolina. With its warm weather and affordable housing options coupled with a cost of living below the national average according to BestPlaces.net, it’s no wonder why folks are flocking here.

Myrtle Beach and Wilmington Lead Incoming Relocations

Apart from affordability factors like housing costs and tax rates, these two coastal gems offer a wealth of other benefits making them desirable relocation spots.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast seeking wide open spaces or love hitting hiking trails on weekends, then you'll find Myrtle Beach very appealing because it offers all this plus more.

About a third of Myrtle Beach's population is beyond 65+ years old making it an attractive retirement destination due to its mild weather conditions throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Wilmington offers its residents a high quality of life. It's not just the city's vibrant arts scene or access to beautiful beaches that makes it so appealing but also its housing market which is less expensive than other urban areas.

Rehoboth Beach, a hidden gem, stands out for its charming boardwalk, quaint town atmosphere, and beautiful beaches. Known for its vibrant community and cultural events, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking a serene yet engaging coastal lifestyle.

The figures indicate a noteworthy shift; individuals are relocating away from busy metropolitan areas to smaller cities where they can get more value for their money without compromising on lifestyle conveniences.

Key Takeaway: 

Catch the Southern Sun and Save: The 2023 moving trends are all about heading south. Movers are drawn to places like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. What's the appeal? Well, these areas give you a bang for your buck with living costs that fall below national averages plus plenty of outdoor fun. For retirees, Myrtle Beach is hot on their radar while Wilmington pulls in people from different walks.

Job Opportunities and Remote Work Fueling Migration

The landscape of job opportunities is shifting. Cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston, often referred to as the big city trio in Texas, are gaining popularity among Americans on the move.

The Attraction of Dallas, Austin, Houston

Dallas, Austin, and Houston have become hotspots for remote work thanks to their robust economies. Their thriving tech scenes offer an abundance of job opportunities, which continue to attract new residents.

But it's not just about jobs; these cities also provide a great quality of life with warm weather throughout most of the year. Moreover, they're known for having a low cost of living compared to other large urban areas in America.

Data from recent years suggests that roughly 13% of Americans moved each year before the pandemic hit us hard. However, 22% have relocated due to COVID-19 or know someone who has done so.

A significant chunk of this migration can be attributed directly or indirectly to remote work possibilities brought forth by our sudden adaptation towards digital mediums during these trying times. This shift in working patterns enables many individuals and families alike an opportunity not only to find better-paying roles but also to live where they desire rather than being tied down by physical office locations.

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Dallas: Booming Job Market

Dallas is a magnet for job seekers due to its booming job market. The city is home to a diverse range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and energy. The presence of major corporations and a business-friendly environment means there are ample opportunities for career growth and professional development in Dallas.

Austin: Tech Hub and Creative Culture

Austin's reputation as a tech hub and its vibrant creative culture draw people from all over. The city hosts major tech companies and startups alike, offering exciting job prospects in the tech industry. Austin's thriving music scene, arts, and food scenes make it an attractive destination for those seeking a dynamic and culturally rich lifestyle.

San Antonio: Rich History and Cultural Heritage

san antonio texas landmarksSan Antonio is celebrated for its rich history and cultural heritage. The city's historical landmarks, such as the Alamo and the San Antonio Missions, provide a glimpse into Texas' past. This cultural richness, combined with its diverse community, makes San Antonio an appealing place for history buffs and those who appreciate a unique blend of traditions and modern living.

Fueling Factors Behind The Trend

We need to look no further than factors such as lifestyle preferences and housing costs when analyzing reasons behind people's choices while moving between states or cities. For instance, many are attracted to Texas due to its combination of urban sophistication and open spaces. The Lone Star State provides a special mix of metropolitan life and the ability to enjoy outdoor activities, making it an appealing option for those who desire equilibrium.

On the other hand, the rise in remote work opportunities allows individuals more flexibility when choosing where they live. For those seeking a more affordable alternative to traditional metropolitan areas, Texas cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston offer attractive housing costs.

Key Takeaway: 

The job scene is shifting, making Texas cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston big hits. They're perfect for remote work with booming tech scenes and a low cost of living. More folks are moving due to COVID-19 and the rise of digital mediums that let them work from anywhere they choose.

The Impact of High Cost of Living on Migration

It's widely known that the elevated expense of living can have an effect on individuals' choices to relocate. Cities and states with inflated costs are pushing Americans to look for more affordable options.

The Exodus from California

In 2023, we saw an exodus from California despite its popularity. Known for its warm weather and vast opportunities, why would residents leave such a state? The answer lies in skyrocketing housing costs.

Rental rates in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles have drastically increased over the past few years, making housing unaffordable for many. But it’s not just rentals; home prices too have shot up significantly according to Zillow data.

Beyond housing expenses, inflation has also played a role in migration trends. In March 2023 alone, overall inflation was reported at an all-time high by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increase directly impacts household budgets, making everyday items less affordable.

Moving out isn't just about escaping rising costs though—it's also about seeking affordability elsewhere. With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, many Californians now find themselves able to pursue opportunities outside traditional urban areas without compromising their careers or lifestyles.

Key Takeaway: 

In 2023, high living costs are pushing people to move from popular but pricey states like California. This trend isn't about escaping inflation and soaring housing prices alone—it's also a quest for affordability in places offering similar amenities at lower costs.

The Allure of Florida Cities for Movers

jacksonville floridaWhen you think about moving, what's on your checklist? Affordable living? Warm weather year-round? Do you crave an abundance of outdoor activities to keep you entertained and in motion?

If these factors resonate with you, then it should come as no surprise that the Sunshine State - Florida, tops the city list in 2023. Data revealed that more Americans have chosen to call this state home than any other place.

Statistics show Myrtle Beach and Wilmington had the highest number of incoming relocations in 2023. However, don't let this overshadow how much movers love Florida cities like Sarasota, Orlando, Ocala, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay.

Sarasota: A Vacation Getaway Turned Home

This charming coastal town has grown into one of the fastest-growing cities over recent years due to its affordable homes below national average prices and vibrant cultural scene.

The cost of housing, coupled with temperate conditions throughout the year, makes Sarasota a great place to settle not only for retirees but also for those starting out in property investment.

Ocala: An Equestrian's Dream City

Ocala is another increasingly popular spot among movers largely because it offers plenty of recreational opportunities including hiking trails through its vast greenery landscapes or horseback riding at some world-class equestrian centers. Plus who can resist those rent prices well below most urban areas?

Jacksonville & Tampa Bay: The Urban Delights

No list discussing moving trends would be complete without the mention of these two. Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, with their thriving job markets, have seen a steady influx of people relocating for better career prospects.

But it's not all work in these cities. The wide open spaces and coastal views provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation during downtime.

Orlando: More Than Just Theme Parks

Last but definitely not least is Orlando. Yes, this city is famous worldwide for its theme parks but that’s just scratching the surface when talking about what makes it an attractive destination to move to.

Key Takeaway: 

Florida's allure is no mystery in 2023. From the sun-soaked Sarasota to the bustling urban delights of Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, it's a magnet for movers. It offers affordable living, year-round warm weather, outdoor activities galore - all key reasons why more Americans are calling this state home.

The Drawbacks of High Property Taxes

Property taxes that are high can be a hefty financial burden, particularly in states such as New Jersey or Illinois which have the highest average property tax rates according to World Population Review. They have the highest average property tax rates according to World Population Review. Let's dig deeper into why these hefty sums are nudging people to pack their bags.

Moving is no small decision. But when cities and states offer low tax rates, warm weather, and comparatively affordable housing - it's hard not to consider the change. The lure of lower costs has been enough for many Americans who are now relocating from high-tax regions.

Tax Burden Pushing People Out?

Apart from being a financial burden on homeowners, high property taxes often indicate other underlying issues such as increased cost of living and stagnant wages. This situation is prompting an exodus towards more financially-friendly territories.

If we look at data revealed by IRS migration patterns, residents with higher incomes tend to move away from areas with steep state income taxes and property levies. There seems to be some correlation here.

Affordable Housing: An Attractive Alternative

In contrast to places bearing high-property-tax-burdens, certain regions offer attractive alternatives due largely in part because they've managed their local economies effectively over time.

For instance, southern states like Florida provide opportunities for affordable homes without compromising quality lifestyle perks such as mild weather year-round and ample recreational opportunities. No wonder it’s topping city lists for movers every year.

Savings Matter Too

Movers to states with lower property taxes reap both immediate savings and long-term financial gains. They can allocate these funds towards other necessities or even investments, effectively contributing more to their overall wealth growth.

Alright, we can see that hefty property taxes really put off a lot of homeowners and prospective buyers. It's not just about affording them; it’s also about feeling you're getting your money's worth.

Key Takeaway: 

Steep property taxes are pushing people to rethink their living arrangements, particularly in states such as New Jersey and Illinois. These fiscal pressures often signal more problems - increased cost of living, flatlining salaries. That's why many Americans are checking out areas with less tax bite and reasonably priced homes, like sunny Florida. And it isn't only about the instant cash savings; relocating can potentially free up more money for


The whispers of the crowd point us towards the Southern states. States like Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina have become magnets for movers.

The coastal allure of Myrtle Beach and Wilmington is hard to resist. Affordability combined with charm makes them popular relocation choices.

Dallas, Austin, and Houston - these Texas giants continue drawing job seekers and remote workers alike. Opportunity shines bright here!

California witnessed a wave of departures due to its steep living expenses –– high costs can push people away too!

Still sunny Florida stays strong as a favorite among relocators with cities such as Sarasota, Orlando, or Tampa Bay beckoning newcomers constantly.

The key to a successful move is having the right guidance, and that's where our team of dedicated real estate consultants comes in.

Ready to make your move? Click here to connect with one of our expert consultants. Whether you're looking for your next home or investment property, we're here to provide the insights and support you need. Let's take the next step together towards your exciting new journey in finding your new home!

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