The Evolution of the Modern Real Estate Brokerage

I remember when I first got into real estate it was all about what company you should work for and what was their reputation.  It made seem like the company was going to do half the battle in ramping up the agent’s business. Boy was I wrong…

I quickly found out that it's all about how hard an agent works. If you’re looking for a “magic pill” in a brokerage, you’re going to be disappointed. But the right company CAN get you to the next level.

And, times have changed… With the evolution of digital marketing and social media, anyone who has the right skillset can get ahead of the game by properly marketing themselves. This is where choosing the right real estate company can come into play. 

The company still matters...just not as much. It’s still down to the basics. Let me explain. I’ve always said that if you’re in real estate you need three basic things -

• Leads...first and foremost

• Technology...this is overhyped but it's still important (more on that later)

Training...not just your contract training either.

Those are the basics. But they have evolved -

Leads can come in many different forms and a lot of agents can produce their own leads through their sphere of influence or open houses or networking. For those who don’t have a big sphere already or those that aren’t the best at working open houses, they’re going to need access to company leads (which we provide) or help with getting their own leads through social media marketing or technology that automates lead generation (which we also provide). 

When it comes to technology, almost every real estate brokerage has basic tech.  The real magic comes in automation technology. This technology makes things easier for the agent.  More on that here.

Training - it's essential that every salesperson in the modern real estate climate get the most up-to-date training to help them find, convert and sell homes to their potential clients.  We’re not talking about your basic “how many square feet or in a yard” or even contract training. We’re talking about-

  1. Sales training (overcoming objections)

  2. Negotiations training (how to write a winning offer and then present it properly

  3. Social media training (how do you successfully celebrate your accomplishments on social media without looking like a douche?)

We offer all of these services to our team. And just because you apply here doesn’t mean you’re going to be a fit, but let’s have a conversation about it.  Your next move in real estate could make the difference in how much you succeed for the next 5 years or more.