7 Ways to Make Your Austin Home Safe for Kids

Children are curious about things around the house especially when there are items that are new to their eyes. Over 3.4 million children get into home accidents such as falls, burns, and other injuries in a year in the US. Home injuries are common, but with some care and changes within your home, accidents can be prevented. It can be stressful and overwhelming to find areas in your home that need to be modified in order to keep your home child-proof. Here are some tips on how to make your Austin home safe for kids.

1. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are a great security tool if you're keeping an eye on your toddler while your doing chores or if you're working in another room. Instead of tiptoeing silently and peeking in the nursery every couple of hours to see your child, a baby monitor can help reassure that your child is safe wherever you are.

2. Power Socket Covers

Electrical outlets are one of the things you should put attention to. Every home has electrical sockets just a few inches away from the floor which puts children at risk by being able to reach them. There are chances that children can stick their toys within these sockets and cause accidents. Outlet covers are a simple fix to avoid getting into the slots and causing an electrical shock.

ways to make your austin home safe for kids

3. Medicine and Chemicals Out of Reach

There are plenty of essentials in your home that can be poisonous to kids. Store all medicine and household products away and out of sight, ideally in higher cupboards. Don't leave these items anywhere after using them. Place them back in a safe place that is out of reach from children.

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4. Bath Mats

Bathroom accidents are common in every household. Keep your little one away from it by using anti-slip bath mats that can be placed inside the tub. This helps avoid your child from sliding or slipping into the water or floor. Most bath mats have suctions at the base for a better grip on the surface and are mostly non-toxic if you purchase ones that are safe for kids.


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5. Sharp Objects Out of Reach

Sharp objects another hazard to avoid within the household. Keep knives. forks, scissors, razors away from a child by placing them in a drawer or cupboard that is out of reach. Metals, mirrors, cans, or anything else that is sharp, with blades, and poses risks for children that could cause injuries from sharp objects, keep them in a place that cannot be reached by the children.

austin home safe for kids

6. Choking Hazard Toys

With toys being essential in terms of a child's development, it also comes with risks. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, choking is a lead cause of injury among children 4 and younger. Always check the label whenever buying toys. Here's a simple hack... Grab a toilet paper roll and anything that fits within the hole shouldn't be anywhere near your child. Aside from toys, keep buttons, coins, crayons, and screws away from reach.

7. Corner Guards

If your desks, coffee tables, and dining tables with cornered edges, it's ideal to have a corner protection guard. These are simple and easy to install. You can also DIY by using foam or pool noodles. It can help smoothen the surface that can help avoid bumps and bruises.

Accidents can't be avoided within homes but you can create a solution to prevent them. Don't forget to have emergency phone numbers prepared as well as a simple first-aid kit around your home.

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