7 Smart Technology Upgrades That Boost Your Home's Value & Appeal

Smart Tech Upgrades That Boost Your Home's Value and AppealMore of today's home buyers have grown up around technology, so smart homes are more desirable than ever. The inclusion of smart technology in the home is likely to attract more buyers and improve a home's marketability.

A large percentage of buyers are more amenable to buying a home with smart solutions already installed. Smart features are a convenience becoming more normalized in modern life. By installing the following desirable tech upgrades in your home, you can increase your return on investment and the home's appeal when it comes time to sell.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are in high demand. In fact, 63% of buyers want a smart thermostat when they move in. It's no surprise; a smart thermostat offers benefits such as:

  • Convenient temperature management from your smartphone
  • The ability to adapt to comfortable temperatures even during transitional weather seasons
  • Average energy savings of about $200 per year in energy costs

Installing a smart thermostat may seem like a counter-intuitive investment since most models cost around $200, but many energy companies offer rebates after the purchase of one. Ask your energy company, and you may discover some good news. However, even if you don't recoup the initial cost that way, you can increase your home's appeal to potential buyers and make your home stand out among the competition.

Smart CO2 & Smoke Detectors

This upgrade isn't just appealing to home buyers, but it can save lives. Additionally, 56% of buyers want one in their home. By offering a safer home that cares about its occupants' well-being, you can provide a nurturing abode that is even more attractive to the housing market.

Remote-Monitored Security Systems

Home security is a big deal, and being able to see exactly what's going on anytime from the convenience of your smartphone is a strong allure to buyers. Features such as automatic light activation and remote voice control (where you can warn intruders to leave from an intercom!) make your home feel just seconds away even when you're not there. Connect your home security system to a professional monitoring service to receive all the benefits.


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Smart Locks & Doorbells

Having a smart doorbell can be quite convenient when you're not ready to answer the door. Smart doors outfitted with automatic locks and video-monitored doorbells can help homeowners keep tabs on everything going on at their home's main entryway. Because 63% of buyers want this type of system on their door, they will appreciate that your home already has one.

Smart Appliances

Microwaves that you can speak to; ovens that can be commanded by Alexa, Google Assistant, or Nest; refrigerators that allow you to check the contents while you're at the store—we're not talking about some space-age future. We're talking about things your home can have right now. More than ever, people want the convenience of knowing if they left the stove on without having to drive back to check. Install smart appliances today to boost your home's tech-savvy score.

Smart Lighting

The sun changes positions around the sky all day, so why should your lighting and shades stay the same around the clock? By investing in smart lighting shades, you can transform the setting of your room in seconds. Whether you invest in smart window tinting, voice-command roll-down shades, or light fixtures that can turn off and dim on schedule or by your order, these smart additions are among today's buyers' top picks—58% to be exact. Pair with strategic interior decorating to maximize your natural light.

Smart appliances and other technological upgrades can make your home stand out from the competition. Whether you're in a buyer or seller's market, having the edge over the existing inventory in your area will give you more leverage over deals that come your way. Don't forget that first impressions matter; boosting your curb appeal might catch a buyer's eye even before they get to the smart-security-enhanced front door.

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