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One of the things that we offer to our real estate agents that have been beneficial to them is our accountability groups.  I got this tip when I was coaching with the Jon Cheplak. If you’re not familiar with Jon, he’s the top coach the best real estate team leads and brokers around the country.  Jon teaches that the best way a real estate agent can realize their goals is through self-awareness.  

Let me breakdown what an accountability group is - It’s a voluntary group of people led by one person that agrees to a series of micro-commitments each week.  They meet every week and have an accountability partner to which they will communicate with every day and check-in with that partner to help encourage them. The key is “micro” commitment. These are small things that lead to results that will ultimately move towards their yearly goal.  Usually, these are comprised of two business goals and one personal goal.  

We just completed our third accountability group of the year and we’re about to start our fourth one. We kind of made it our own on this one.  We meet in person on the first meeting and then each subsequent meeting our real estate agents have the option of attending the meeting virtually via a Zoom conference meeting.  And because our last group was so small, we elected to use the group chat in our Workplace chat group. It worked really well and we’re going to continue this trend.  

The goal is to move the needle, bit by bit, to help our agents become top producing real estate agents by increasing their yearly production by completing tasks associated with their goals.  Below are a couple of examples of some of the micro-commitments:

• Call 20 leads in CRM per day

• Call 2 past clients 

• Spend 20 minutes organizing my CRM each day

• Doorknock my neighborhood to get emails for a neighborhood party

• Add one new person to my CRM each day

• Walk my dog (personal)

• Turn off my phone and alerts from 6 to 9 each night (personal)

• Post three IG stories each day 


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Video Transcript:

Ryan: Accountability group is a group where the members of it they commit to three micro-commitments and these micro-commitments lead to the goals for their yearly goals and their business plan.

Emily: Yeah, my thoughts in the accountability group is, I think it helps you stay accountable even when you're busy. You know, sometimes you can be like, oh, I did a showing today.

That was a lot of work, you know. But with an accountability group, you can come back and say, hey, I still have these micro-commitments complete. So I think that was helpful for me, to, you know, plug into each week besides just your normal things that you're doing as far as showings and open houses and things like that. And talking to other people in the group helps you be accountable and push each other to make sure that you get your tasks done and stay on top of it.

John: Priorities that ahead of time that I needed to accomplish during the week. So like knowing what I needed to do throughout the week main focus on smaller tasks to get some of those bigger things done. Checking it kind of thriving off of everyone else's production or even posting even if they didn't produce like, I only posted up like, terrible with my goals this week like I'm like I still the exact same way. But tomorrow, I'm going to do better. So I thought exactly how you felt because I was failing online my micro-commitments, but I made it up for the next day or two.

Ryan: The funny thing about this is that these aren't big commitments. That's why they're called micro-commitments. But the results that we've had historically has been pretty good. This last one has been even better because we've kind of fine-tune your process. And what we've seen is these little tiny things that you're going to commit to like you're going to, you know one week in maybe I'm going to call, you know, 15 people a day or I'm going to work on refining my list for the neighborhood party that I'm gonna have next month, right? They all add up and then because you're accountable to other people in it, and because it's voluntary, right, that you're seeing results. So that's what this is all about.


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