Newcastle Homes: New Austin Home Builder on Green Building

Newcastle Homes is a home builder in Austin, Texas that specializes in developing unique urban homes in sustainable development inside the urban core. Get to know more about our featured New Austin Home Builder that is known for their quality craftsmanship and green building.

A local family business founded in 2001, Newcastle Homes started remodeling and building green homes in East Austin. Their signature homes got extremely popular due to their great values plus, they sold quickly. People that have started to see their work were starting to request for custom build modest but modern homes. They have also began receiving referrals from their clients which made their local reputation grew into a design-build operation..

Experienced with a variety of architectural styles, construction methods, and building materials, Newcastle Homes to be known as Central Austin’s urban core builders that offers superior design, top quality construction and outstanding value.

Aside from design and build, this new Austin home builder offers turnkey services or a la carte consultation packages.


If you are not familiar with how their design-build process works, they will help you out in every step on the way. In fact, they have it stated in their design-build process on their website.

Newcastle Homes’ process starts with the concept phase wherein they work with their client to determine their needs as they achieve the aesthetic they desire. They will also help you out with a firm financial plan to implement your project. Then starts the plans for elevations and floor plans; this details the essential elements of your project that will guide them through the design process.

While they can work with any architect selected by a client, Newcastle has nurtured relationships with a diverse selection of local cutting-edge design talents that can combine the elements of superior design that meets your needs.

You then enter a design-build contract with Newcastle in protection of all parties. Now for the design phase, a complete set of blueprints will then be provided for your new home. Newcastle will guide you on your journey from contracts, permits, financing, to the construction phase until the design-build process is completed.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed. They checkup on the site for a final walkthrough to make sure that everything has come together. Newcastle Homes prides itself with their unique way of taking good care of their clients!


You are responsible decreasing your environmental footprint and saving your own money if you when you choose Newcastle Homes. Why? Their builds exceed ENERGY STAR 3.0 standards. Green building reduces or eliminates the negative impacts to the environment. This means that their homes are not only look great, but your home gets to be economical, sustainable, and responsible!

View their project photos on the gallery below:


Photography by Mark Adams


Contact Number: (512) 788-1578

411 W. Odell photography by James Bruce

James Bruce Photography Instagram


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