Leveraging Listing for Maximum Exposure

So when we talk about having the different ways that you can leverage your listings, you’re gonna have some goals for this. The first and foremost is to get the exposure out in word to drive demand to your clients, right. The idea, the way we do it, is that we start with coming soon and we try to bring in much traffic to a property, much attention to the property before it’s listed so that on the day that it is listed we set up the conditions that leave multiple offers situations.

Goal number two is to bring in leads on that listing and goal number three is to brand yourself with the listing in order to get your name out there, that you’re gonna be the go-to listing person when someone is looking to list your property, right. That goes along with what we went in on our first segment which is content retargeting. 

You know I’ve got, basically, I got, the four different segments of the listing is that the four different phases are: coming soon, just listed, under contract, just sold.

So, here are the things that you can do when you go for Coming Soon. Mark the property as much as possible, bring eyes on the listing, branded directional signs pointed to listing, okay, and then, guys you should know that we have on our portal, we have, for branded directional signs with your face and phone number on it, okay. And then a coming soon sign on the listing, coming soon Facebook, and Instagram Ads and posts that points to the listing on your site

And then finally, Kelly and Sunny, I want to add this to our transaction management for the transaction process, is that when you have the blog up or the blog of the coming soon, or just the ad that is coming soon, or the space on the site where it gets to the property, you’re gonna ask the seller to share that with their friends on Facebook, or on the listserv that they have which most may not have a listserv or next door. We cannot go in on next door and put something in there cause it’s an advertisement. A seller can. This is a beautiful process especially if you’re doing retargeting that we were talking about earlier. Because if they share it, their friends and family and neighbors are going to go and look at the property and they’re going to be retargeted on all the stages of the listing. And if you have content that you are putting out, they’re gonna be targeted on that. This is an amazing way for you to take advantage of a listing, and I want you guys to really think about that. Leaving money on the table, by not leveraging the listing.

Text for info signs that sends a link to listings and, what I love about text for info is, flyers are such a pain in the ass you know you got people that throw them away, and you got to go put them out them, when they’re text for info or not just text for info you can actually put a vanity URL like 123mainstreet.com, but the text for info, you capture their phone number, and then it will send them a text with a link to where the housing, the property on the URL, and then you retarget them on your mobile devices. I think it is a great way to do this.

And then you know on another level for not just consumer marketing but agent marketing, the broker owning recreation agent facebook groups.


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Just Listed, Facebook post and ad announcing the status change to just listed. Again if the seller is willing, ask them to share the status update on Facebook and listserv. Branded just listed postcard, that’s the same thing for coming soon, you can do that for coming soon, that’s a little bit overkill but certainly, for the just listed, we also have door hangers sign, we got door hangers for equipment right? Yes. So if you’re putting, changing your sign out to just listed you can go out, you know you can go to the neighboring 10, 20 houses. If you’re doing just listed, you can order them from quick prints and have them send out to 100 houses around the property. This is especially important if you have a listing in a farm you’re working at, absolutely think you should be doing this okay.

Retargeting the staus change on Google and Facebook and Instagram. Also,  when I say anything about retargeting or advertising on Facebook, Instagram doesn’t with that, it just, it just happens, right. When you do your first open house, we have the open house app that puts the lead into FollowUpBoss and it will send them listing alerts like the property they visited in their email and it will retarget them on Facebook.

Under Contract, at that point, you’re not gonna do quite as much, just you know, you’re just gonna change the status like when you guys send us a listing, and we got the Google Form, which by the way I wanted to tell you most of you guys are not doing that, okay. It’s a very simple process and it’s what tells us to engage to the rest of the process. And basically, you put the URL, we can download the photos, and the description of the property, and at that moment, we make all of the images for Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

It’s much simpler when we get photos that have all of that done at one time so that when you go into the pending process, we get an email saying, we’re now to the under contract and then we can go in, and literally within seconds, change the advertisement, and it doesn’t even mean you’re gonna get a lot of clicks, but you’re the one to get a lot of branding from that, right. The cost per impression is like less than a penny. We get cost per click, we don’t get that many clicks, you’re getting some clicks but the power here is the branding, okay.

And then Just Sold, status on, change status on Facebook and Google and Instagram. Branded retargeting, which is sold, this would be another part, where if you are far in a neighborhood, you want to order the Just Sold postcards and send those out to like a hundred of houses close to that.


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