Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in demand for real estate investment opportunities in Bastrop County. With its low cost of living, proximity to major cities like Austin, and exceptional natural beauty, Bastrop County is an attractive area for real estate investments.

The demand for real estate in the area has been steadily increasing over the past few years as more people are drawn to the area's many advantages. 

Whether you're a first-time investor or a seasoned professional, investing in land within Bastrop County can be a great way to build your portfolio and secure your financial future. In this blog post, we'll discuss what potential investors need to know about investing in land within Bastrop County, Texas.

Overview of Bastrop County

Nestled 32 miles southeast of Austin in the heart of the Texas Triangle, Bastrop County is a region that boasts rolling hills, lush greenery, and stunning natural beauty. The county consists of 895.9 square miles in area, or 574,074 acres, and is home to approximately 106,188 residents

Cities located in Bastrop County are Bastrop, Elgin, Mustang Ridge, and Smithville. Bastrop County has experienced steady growth in population and industry, making it an attractive destination for visitors and investors alike.

In recent years, the county's economy has been thriving, with job growth and business development on the rise. With a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, Bastrop County has positioned itself as a hub for small business owners and startups.

Reasons Land Investment in Bastrop is a Good Investment

Bastrop County is a Developing and Growing Region

Bastrop County is one of the fastest-growing communities in Central Texas that offers a perfect combination of urban and small-town living. The county has emerged as one of the most attractive destinations for investors, entrepreneurs, and young professionals in recent years. 

With the growth of Austin nearby, Bastrop is poised for rapid development and expansion, which means more job opportunities, new businesses, and improved infrastructure that will enhance the quality of life for residents. Here are some of the developments in Bastrop in recent years:

  • Austin Regional Clinic - Austin Regional Clinic’s leadership chose a convenient location off SH 71 and FM 304 and made plans for a new state-of-the-art facility. 

  • Technology Drive Extension - Economic Development Organization (EDC) worked toward constructing an additional regional detention pond to assist in controlling flows into Gills Branch.

  • Walking Trail Extension along Chestnut/Loop 150 - Connects residential and retail areas, completing the long-awaited looped Riverwalk trail as requested by residents.

  • Agnes Street Extension - EDC has agreed to construct an extension of Agnes Street from SH 304 to the eastern property line of the Bastrop Grove subdivision.

  • Bastrop 552 (Butler Ranch) - A 20,000 square foot studio with two 10,000 square foot sound stages, a 50,000 square foot warehouse with mill space, and a 52,000 square foot office space. The film studio will be about 546 acres.

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Businesses are Expanding and Moving to Bastrop County

As Bastrop County continues to flourish, its allure as a prime location for businesses is undeniable. Entrepreneurs and corporations alike have taken notice of the county's high quality of life, workforce, and pro-business environment.

Below are some of the notable company expansions and relocations in Bastrop County:

  • Yerico Manufacturing - The semiconductor company plans to move into a 20,000-square-foot space at the Elgin Business Park by 2024.

  • Armbrust USA - The medical manufacturer has acquired Breath99 Mask startup to expand their offerings and operations.

  • SpaceX - A 521,000-square-foot facility is said to be built by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. in Bastrop County known as the Shell Building and is said to bring 775 jobs to the area.

  • TCS Mechanical - The mechanical contractor company is expanding in Bastrop to help clients build huge factories.

Bastrop County is also home to world-class manufacturing and exceeds all Site Selection criteria for this industry including location, easy highway, rail, and international rail access. The county also has growth opportunities in various industries such as the media and entertainment industries, biolife sciences, and the tourism industry.

With the addition of new commercial real estate developments and a growing community, it's no wonder that more and more businesses are calling Bastrop County their new home.

Affordable Real Estate Prices for More Acreage

For those searching for more land and space to call their own, whether you're dreaming of owning a sprawling estate or simply looking for a bit of extra room to spread out, now is an excellent time to start your search.

According to the Texas Rural Land Prices website, the average price per acre of rural land in Bastrop is $7,157 as of Q1 of 2023 with a 15.62% percentage change YoY. The average has climbed from each quarter.

  • Q1 2022 - $6,190

  • Q2 2022 - $6,610

  • Q3 2022 - $6,689

  • Q4 2022 - $7,127

There is a wide range of farms, ranches, and land available in the region that can accommodate your real estate needs and goals.

Potential Agriculture and Wildlife Exemption

As environmental concerns continue to grow, many people are exploring ways to balance successful agriculture with responsible wildlife conservation.

When it comes to the potential agricultural and wildlife exemption, land owners or investors can expect a special appraisal status based on the productivity value of their land rather than the market value. To qualify for the exemption, the land must be devoted principally to agriculture use to the degree that is generally accepted in the area.

It's an exciting development that could benefit both the agricultural industry and the natural world and one that's worth keeping an eye on as it develops.

dairy cattle in a farm

Connect with a Bastrop County Real Estate Consultant

Investment in real estate can be a profitable venture, but navigating the market can be tricky for those new to the game. That's where local brokers and Realtors come in. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge about the housing market in your area and can provide valuable insights into the best investment opportunities around.

Get started today by CLICKING HERE TO SPEAK TO A REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT and see how partnering with a local expert can help you take your real estate investment game to the next level.

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