How to Organize Your Pantry: 7 Food Organization Strategies

How to Organize Your PantryIt can be easy to have things in your pantry become out-of-sight. Unnecessary clutter, half-filled containers, and plastic bags could take up space within your pantry that could have been cleaned or used for extra space within your pantry.
Having a designated spot to store your baking ingredients, spices, canned goods, and snacks are important, making it easier to get what you need to pack school lunches and cook at home. Here are 6 things that could help clear the clutter out of your kitchen pantry.

Add Bins and Baskets

These are some of the essentials when it comes to organizing your pantry. Use slim bins to save up some space allowing you to add more items onto the shelves. It's a plus if you have matching slim bins that will make your shelf look more organized than having multicolored ones. Baskets can also keep your pantry look tidy. Adding a custom label to each is also a game-changer.

Utilize Clear Containers

Whether it is plastic or glass, using clear containers will make it easier for you to find ingredients stocked in your pantry. No more hassle on having to go through dozens of bulky packaging every time you open your pantry.

Organize Food By Expiration Date

Banish food waste by organizing foods so that items are used when they are fresh. Grocery stores organize shelves by putting the food with the earliest expiration date upfront, and you can, too. This ensures that you are always using items up on a first-in, first-out basis.


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Group Things Together By Type

Further organizing by food type ensures that items don't get lost in the shuffle. You'll always know how much of a specific item you have to avoid both running out and overbuying.

Place similar items next to each other such as your variety of spices, cooking oil, pasta, and cereal. You can also divide them with the most used items and place them in an accessible spot.

organizing your pantry

Pantry vs. Fridge Items

Some items don't belong to the pantry, such as bread. In fact, it should be stored in a bread box. Other items that easily get spoiled after being opened are pasta sauce, homemade jam, mayo, wine, and condiments. They are best to be stored in the fridge due to the ingredients they contain, plus, it lengthens its use. Also, remember that some items don't go well together, such as flour and strong-smelling spices. Be mindful of what items are next to each other, so nothing goes to waste.

DIY with Household Items

You'll be surprised by the number of household items you can utilize for organizing your pantry. Your shower caddy can be used as a produce rack. If you have extra office boxes sitting at home, they're great for storage, too; just cut a few holes and start labeling the boxes. Your skirt hangers can be used to close your chip bags. Bonus tip: movable laundry baskets can be used to store other utility items and non-perishable items you buy in bulk.

Make It A Part Of Your Routine

You've read it right; make organizing your pantry a part of your routine. It doesn't have to be every day, but dedicating about 10 to 15 minutes to sorting your goods and essentials once a week could make a huge difference! Toss out expired products, wipe down the shelves, list down what needs to be refilled – these will leave you a clutter-free and organized pantry.

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