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Home Decorating Ideas for Winter

Posted by Ryan Rodenbeck on Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 at 11:40am

It's that time of the year where we take out your winter clothes out of the closet and wrap yourselves up for upcoming cool months! 'Tis the season to prepare and decorate your home for the festivities and upcoming holidays as. Looking for ideas to keep your home warm, cozy, and inviting? You'll definitely love how relaxing it will be after following these simple, hassle-free home decorating ideas for your home's interior this winter season. 

1. Wreaths

Choose a wreath that compliments your home. You can either style it by with pinecones, some DIY snow, greenery, flowers, and more. You can also keep it simple by making use of twigs, plain green wreaths, or you can create your own wreath out of paper and other materials available out there. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas but it can also stay up until spring as you keep it minimal or find a workaround on making it a decor to keep in your home.

2. Textured Blankets

Add textured blankets in your living room or bedroom to add rich hues. Blankets will add extra warmth to your living room or bedroom making it an inviting cozy winter space where you can spend hours at. Knit if you must, or you can find faux fur covers, knit, or crochet blankets that will add a comfort within your space!

3. Candle Decorations

Aside from the smell of scented candles, it also adds a warm touch to your home. Spice it up with candle holders that are somewhat out of the ordinary. Birch candle holders, pinecone candle holders, and antique candle holders are some of the types of candle decorations you might want to use.

4. Tablescape

Embellish your dining table with a stunning tablescape. Make use of some of your Christmas ornaments or DIY you tablescape setup. Simple or minimal tablescapes and centerpieces can make your table look more inviting especially if you use the right colors such as neutral tones.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

Apply changes to your space by moving your furniture around your home. Examine each room and see if there is anything you can rearrange to create new life into your old arrangement. Moving your living room furniture could help you figure out how the seating works to encourage engagement. If you plan to have a cozy weekend marathon with your friends and family, see what you can do to maximize your space.
Practice precautions and measure before the temperature drops to its lowest! Read our blog on How to Winterize Your Home in Austin, TX to keep your home in its tip-top shape!

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