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Being more efficient is one of the important aspects you have to look at while working with a team. You want to make sure that your team is in track especially in the real estate industry, it can be difficult to find the perfect collaboration tool that suits your team since most of them are on the move. That’s where we decided to make use of what technology has to offer us and find the best collaboration tool that is out there which is Facebook Workplace. In this blog, learn how Facebook Workplace for Real Estate has reshaped our company.

Of course, our great team deserves great tools when it comes to collaboration. The functionality of Workplace has transformed us by creating a company culture that we did not have before.

We are aware that the interface Facebook does as a social media platform extends the reach of businesses. If you are a business starting to grow from a small to a medium-sized company, you might want to choose or even better, SWITCH to Facebook Workplace.

Workplace by Facebook was first introduced back in 2015 where they released a beta version then officially launched the platform on October 2016. To date, there are 30,000 businesses and organizations that are with Workplace, and that includes us here at Spyglass Realty! Know how Facebook Workplace for Real Estate can effectively change the game.


Workplace Features

facebook workplace for real estate

If you need a tool for your team that will allow you to brainstorm, collect and send information about a listing while they are on the go, Facebook Workplace offers different features that will improve your team’s communication, collaboration, and marketing.

Here are some of the best features Workplace has:

1. Groups

This is one of our favorites. It keeps everything organized from conversations and files. Groups can be Open, anyone from the company can join, Closed, can be seen by the entire company except the content and only allows specific member only, or Secret, only the members within the group knows about it. You team can comments, share, or follow the posts within the group. It makes it more manageable and keeps each member of the group updated when there are new incoming posts.

2. Chat

Workplace chat offers the ability for your team members to communicate directly to each other. It allows you to send photos, videos, files, locations, audio clips either from your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. You can either have a one-on-one or a group message.

3. Live Videos

Got something to share with your team in real-time? Tap on that live video option and you are now able to do a live broadcast to update your team with announcements, live training, and updates!

4. News Feed

Be updated with the information about your company with News Feed. Similar to Facebook, this feed consists of updates of your team posts. The more engaging a post gets, the more it will first appear on top of your feed so you never miss out on anything. You can reach and comment on the posts and get notified once someone interacts with it as well.


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Managing Facebook Workplace for Real Estate

facebook workplace live feature

Video Transcription:

Hey, this is Ryan Rodenbeck with Spyglass Realty and today we're going to take a look at how we're using Facebook Workplace for real estate.

You can see it's just like Facebook, people can post contract questions, a lot of contract questions I have these set up into leads and this is where we make announcements for leads. I can do a Facebook Live post from Workplace and you know let agents know what I'm thinking at the time, any announcements I want to make and I only have certain agents as you see in certain groups.

Like right now in leads only people that are in it are the people who are actually taking leads, this is our inner office group right here which is our admin and staff and my wife, the Stager.

We have the general for just kind of catch-all, again this is an announcement to everyone. In our marketing group, I do screen recordings on how I'm using certain aspects of marketing. This is a survey for an open house I posted, you can go to files right here and we have our logos and photos if you go to albums.

This is a look at all of, well not all of them but some of the postcards we've done, so if an agent wants to copy one of those.  We also have started a group for each property that we open and then here's agent onboarding.

I think this is going to be really useful but we put videos of the different systems we use and how to use them like you know how to use our C.R.M. on Follow Up Boss, how they get in import their contacts, how to use the mail system we use.

And the recommended e-mail that I recommend they send out once they come on board.  Meeting notes, we haven't done too much with that yet but we're putting the meeting notes in there, contract questions we're using a lot. This one is great so this is a walkthrough, video walkthrough of what I send to a client when we have a listing and then they're asking you know here's my team asking different questions in the contract group. If you go to files these are some of the paperwork that we've had attorneys make that you can't find on the Realtor website.  Sales Training for agents, I've got webinars and training that we've done and contract negotiations.

Property vendors, I mean preferred vendors rather and you can see people make recommendations for vendors that they're using which are cool and then property evaluation they just started this one but. I had a client that was asking a question about how to value an Austin home for sale and it wasn't an easy one to value, so rather than just answer that one question, I did a screen recording to show him how to do it and the cool thing about this is that we're actually using this for ongoing training and so it helps me as a broker of fourteen agents not have to answer every single question.

Every single time when it's already been done, anytime I have something that is "evergreen". then I put it in here and it can be searched so I think this is a real powerful tool, I'm excited to be working with Facebook workplace and I think it's going to great for helping our business growing our business.  

The reason I made this video is that, when I went to Google and searched Facebook Workplace for Real Estate, there was literally nothing that came up.  So hopefully this video and blog post will help others see how real estate brokerages are using Facebook Workplace.

If you've come across this blog or video, feel free to reach out and I am happy to help answer any questions.


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