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On average, Spyglass agents increase their production by over 200% year over year within their first year of joining the brokerage.



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Days less than the avg. agent


% higher sale price on listings than the avg. agent

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Award Winning Brokerage in Austin Texas

2020 Indie Broker of the Year Winner
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Who is the ideal fit for Spyglass?

More than half of our real estate agents were once part of boutique independent brokerages in Austin that were absorbed, bought, or merged by larger real estate companies in Austin, Texas. Many of these top-producing agents felt that during the transition or shortly after, the larger company lost that boutique feel and the company culture was not what they were expecting. We are also a good fit for agents that started off on a team but need to graduate to being a single agent on a brokerage but still want the feel of a team. We have also been successful with agents who formally did a large amount of volume but, for whatever reason, has seen a slump in their business. If you have been selling real estate long enough, you know that it has its ups and downs. We realize that and we’re here to help our agents get back on track. 


What is the makeup of Spyglass Agents? 

I consider our company to be a hybrid of a brokerage and a team. We provide company leads and the agents that take those leads. During the time they are taking leads, they are expected to go to weekly huddle meetings to go over the different techniques and training to deal with those leads. But our Austin real estate agents are NOT required to take leads and two-thirds of our agents are single agents who enjoy autonomy but still participate in our collaborative company culture. This culture is available to all of us but is not a requirement for the agents who are producing and don’t want to participate in every huddle, meeting, or social events that we put on. The best way to learn how our agents feel about our company is to hear it straight from them and you can watch our video testimonials to learn more.

What makes Spyglass Realty different from other brokerages?

For one, we provide services to our agents that are not offered at most of the other Austin real estate brokerages in our size category. We have a marketing system that pushes our agents’ listing to social media platforms as well as Google networks and we do this for every listing at no additional cost to the agent. We also offer targeted marketing over-and-above what comes with the standard package. Need to run an AdWords campaign in order to bag a luxury listing? We do this at cost for you. We also offer complimentary staging consultations to our listing agents, again at no charge.  


What about your technology package? 

Brokers talk about technology all the time, but every decent brokerage has technology.  We focus on automation, which allows agents to use our technology without having to be ingrained in it. For more about our technology and automation, click here. 

What services do you provide to Austin real estate agents?

We take great care in helping our agents succeed. Our number one priority with agents is that they continue to grow their business and sales volume, year over year. As such, we have a professional development meeting with our agents about once a quarter where we look at the goals that they outlined at the beginning of their journey with us and then we make sure that we are helping them achieve their goals, either through our marketing platforms, coaching or accountability groups. We offer staging services, accountability groups, marketing, and coaching to our agents. A look at this can be found on our services page

Do you have production requirements to be with Spyglass Realty?

Yes, we do. But we also look at your history of volume and take that into consideration. Because we have a history of helping our Austin real estate agents increase their production year over year, we look at what you’ve done in the past and help you map out how you can increase your production. One thing we don’t accept is part-time real estate agents. We are very proud to have a team of high-producing agents and we are very hands-on with our agents as far as coaching, training, helping with marketing, and branding so we definitely want to keep our quality of standard up. If you don’t meet the volume requirements then there is an opportunity to get on one of the teams that some of our agents have built.

Do you allow teams?

Yes! Not only do we allow them, but we help you to get started with them and offer coaching on how to build them.