Agent Testimonials

Tim Behe

We recently sat down with Tim Behe, one of the top producing agents at Spyglass, to find out how he left a bustling career in tech to become a real estate agent in his 40’s. We went over what does success means to each of us and he created a meaningful impact in his life and his business. For some it may be becoming the #1 agent in your market, for others it might be spending less time at work without comprising service or profit, or possibly it involves your personal or professional legacy. But for Tim, he honed in on processes to make his business to the maximum efficiency and accountability groups to quantify progress through tracking his commitments.

Michele Gutierrez

I met with Ryan and I had heard great things about Spyglass all together. I was looking for more of a beachy kind of atmosphere. I love the family-friendly kind of driven atmosphere that you provide or Spyglass provides. The fact that I can walk in and have a great conversation with any other agent and they know my name that is extremely important to me. I can also provide my clients with a different type of relationship. It's more intimate versus it just being a big company where they don't know who they're working with.

Kelli Pesses

Kelli has been licensed for a number of years and in 2019 she was with a boutique real estate brokerage that was acquired by a larger brokerage firm. She is also an interior designer and mother of two children. At the end of 2019, she felt that she had lost some of the cultures of a boutique brokerage firm and was looking for a change to a place with a more collaborative environment.

We met with Kelli, analyzed her goals, and put her on our leads team. We worked with her on our agent professional development program and she joined some of our accountability groups. That was 6 months ago and in that short time, she increased her production by over 300%.

Cory Mortensen

Cory has been with us for the since January. He has just been really killing it here at Spyglass. He went through our dynamic selling. and here's what he had to say, That was a great introduction to residential real estate and what it takes to just stay on top of things weekly. We had small, small goals in the beginning. And then each week, I think there was six weeks of its total. Where the call numbers we had to make got bigger and bigger. We had that large list to go off of and that was great. And then everything that she was talking about was really insightful because she started every meeting with a big mind. That piece, which is huge, and it's not really your typical humdrum mindset thing that you, anybody could kind of go into it was very personal, often.

Jeremy McHaney

The agent onboarding was great. I gotta say, just like a 180 from what I was doing to what I'm doing now. This is really real estate. You know, there are so many facets to it. I left looking to leave and get on to a new place that really helped me get some direction and where to go. And I finally found I mean, y'all have been great with providing the tools, the direction and the mentorship has been phenomenal. Having gone through that class, I feel way more confident, way more confident in my conversations and that is really helping me just build more relationships with people sound like a professional have the right tools.

John Crowe

Spyglass is a great place. I told Ryan even when I was at my previous job, and if I hadn't made that decision, and had I thought more about it in a couple years before, I would have actually considered Spyglass and maybe would have made a move then but it's a great place. People talk about culture, Ryan and agents and all the folks who will help here from the office administrative folks to marketing to every one of those other resources here. It's just it's a really good fun place to work and people. While you're grinding it out, you're having a good time they're successful here and that's a nice thing to see.

John McCarthy

I'm really excited about the opportunity because I get to focus on the company, on the business, on helping agents grow, on helping the business grow. I don't have the distractions of you know, my personal sales and those disruptors for me. So there's a lot I'm excited to implement put into place. Mentorship training, the agents I'm excited for, agents that are with our company, whether they've been in the business for a year, or five years, there's still a lot for them to learn. There's a lot of tools and resources within the company. So helping streamline, a source, source of support for the entire company.

If you're looking for a good lifestyle good real estate lifestyle. This is the place to be, that's and that's kind of how I felt that's why I'm so comfortable here you know, the agents are gonna be comfortable here. It's a lifestyle. It's a life of success, fun in real estate.

Emily Shea

Starting with Spyglass Realty, I had nothing but support. They knew I was a new agent and they had programs and training and direct mentorship for each agent including myself. I worked directly with the sales manager to help me learn how to take leads and call people and work on different ways to make my business successful.