Real Estate Agent Tech vs Automation

Most agents are at a disadvantage in today's competitive market, using outdated marketing strategies and failing to adapt to emerging technologies. By harnessing automation and regularly updating our marketing processes, our agents are able to accomplish a 14% year over year increase in sales, 6 times the volume of an average agent, and experience 23 less days on market than the average.

Understanding Real Estate Technology

The big buzzword in the industry today is “real estate technology”. It’s all you hear from the big box brokers these days talk about in terms of what real estate agents need these days. I would argue that it’s not the technology that is essential, it’s automation. Even the best Austin real estate companies talk about technology but very few of them talk about automation. 

As an Austin real estate broker, one of my more important duties is to try to get menial tasks automated so that my Austin Realtors can focus on what they do best: make contacts and serve their client’s needs to help them achieve their goals.  

As such, we’ve done everything we can to invest in technology that will automate those tasks so our realtor can keep focusing on high-level, income-producing activities.  

We’ve automated Digital Marketing for our agents so that they can rest assured that the promises they make to their clients are happening behind the scenes.

Automated Digital Marketing for Austin Real Estate | Spyglass Realty

Looking at the graphic below, you’ll see that it starts with dynamic ads from MLS listings to Facebook targeting buyers that have the agent put into a CRM. Being in front of a buyer in every way can ensure you’re always in front of them at every step. The same technique works with nurturing seller leads as well.

Automated Real Estate Lead Generation | Spyglass Realty

The Facebook ad is designed to bring the buyers and sellers back to the website and that information is sent back to the agent’s CRM so they can see what the consumer looked at.

Automated Real Estate Lead Nurturing | Spyglass Realty

We take it one step further by employing an AI (artificial intelligence) text-bot to engage with the lead anytime an “actionable” item completed.  As an example, a lead looks at the same property three or more times or they favorites property, the chatbot will send a text to them, acting as an assistant for our real estate agent, and asks then asks any number of pre-programmed scripts so as to engage the lead to take further action.  Any response is sent to the agent to complete further action and help close the lead.

Automated Lead Follow Up in Real Estate | Spyglass Realty

Again, the goal is to constantly stay in front of your sphere without you having to do anything except take action when the buyer or seller engages with the system.

Automated Dynamic Real Estate Ads | Spyglass Realty

Another feature of our automation tech is to promote the home listing on Facebook in the background. This not only helps you do what you tell your client you’re going to do but also provides a system that will actually help you get more sales by properly explaining to a seller why you are the best choice for them to sell their Austin home.  

Automated Listing Ads for Real Estate in Austin | Spyglass Realty

Another great feature in our tech platform is our Open House Tool.  We bring open houses to a whole other level. Imagine having an iPad open at the house when consumers come in.  It’s branded with a picture of the home and the agent with a sign in. All you have to do is ask the potential buyer to sign in before they tour the home. From there the lead goes into the CRM, and is subscribed to automatic property alerts that are like the home they visited. And then they will automatically be remarketed to on Facebook.  Each time the lead goes into the back to the site, either from the email or the Facebook ad, the CRM gets a notification and the AI bot can engage as well.

Real Estate Open House Tools | Spyglass Realty

We have agent branded IDX sites that our realtors can use to promote themselves, their listings and use as a lead capture.

Branded Real Estate Websites for Agents with IDX | Spyglass Realty

The goal with these systems is to create a tool that will generate more listings for the agent from the listings they already have.

Tools to Generate Real Estate Listing Leads | Spyglass Realty

Our systems create dynamic video ads from the photos that are loaded into MLS and these ads will create more leads so the agent can increase his or here sphere of influence.

Dynamic Video Ads for Real Estate | Spyglass Realty

And this technology is not something that every real estate broker in Austin has access to.  We’ve worked very hard to keep up with the most up to date cutting edge technology in the industry.

Real Estate Agent Technology vs Automated | Spyglass Realty