Agent Training

Ongoing training is one of the most sought-after services for real estate agents.
We continually provide ongoing training for experienced agents that are designed to level up an agent's game.

Converting Home Seller Leads in 2023

Are you looking to make an impactful presentation to potential home sellers in 2023? Get insider tips and tricks for listing presentation success! Learn how to build a strong case, showcase your skills, and get the best deals with our step-by-step guide. Give yourself the edge today and nail that listing presentation!

Writing Offers for Buyers in 2023

Our sales director breaks down how EVERY agent should be approaching offers for their clients in 2023.

How to Convert a Seller Lead to Appointment, Even When Competing with iBuyers

This is how to onboard a listing lead, what to say to them, what to send to them, and how to set yourself up for success BEFORE the listing consultation. This is even when you're up against iBuyers.

Part 1: Walkthrough Training

In this video, watch as an experienced agent guides a potential buyer through a home, sharing valuable insights and tips for effective property tours.

Part 2: Loyalty Agreement

In this video, we dive into Loyalty Agreements. Watch as an experienced agent guides a client through the details of this formal contract, explaining its significance, terms, and benefits.

We provide weekly live and virtual training for our agents, covering all aspects of topics such as negotiations, contract law, marketing, industry change, and anything that will impact an agent's business. This is good for agents of all levels. Every training is recorded and put into a video vault that can be accessed by searching for topics. But that doesn't mean we stop training. We realize good agents want live and interactive training.