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Why Choose Spyglass Realty?

Service Oriented

Our service includes renovation and remodeling advice and coordination. We've helped dozens of buyers upgrade aspects of the home, post-closing and free of charge.

Design and Remodel

Our resident designer and certified home stagers work together to determine how to allocate your budget in a way that will maximize your home's value. We can work with any budget to increase the value of your home. We even facilitate the coordination of your project through our list of trusted vendors. The best part? It's FREE. This service is for sellers who are looking to maximize the value of their home and buyers who want to add value to their home on an un-updated home that will help them negotiate during the sale.


Ryan and his team of agents have closed over 1,000 homes since 2008. They are a small boutique firm with an emphasis on customer services and marketing.

Professional Staging

Having your home professionally staged by a Certified Home Stager is essential before putting it on the market. We provide this service free of charge. Our home stagers consult sellers on value-enhancing home improvements, coordinate the work with our trusted list of vendors, and then stage the home to make it more appealing to the largest audience of buyers.

Digital Marketing

Hiring Spyglass Realty is like hiring a professional advertising agency to market your home. We are offering several packages through our digital marketing services, including Coming Soon Packages, A Hefty Advertising Budget, Online Syndication and Direct Email Campaigns.

Negotiating Tactics

Negotiating a contract for buyers and sellers is very important. A micro change in a negotiation can have a macro impact on what you get when you buy or sell a home. All of our agents take ongoing training in the art of negotiations. Our vast experience with transactions gives us the experience to allow you to get the best results when buying a home. This is especially important when selling and buying at the same time. It's hard to get an offer accepted, contingent on the sale of your home if your agent hasn't negotiated a very strong deal on your behalf. With our, team you are in great hands.

Video Marketing

We now include video when marketing our client's properties. Homes listed with video walk-throughs have proven to have 400% more engagement than homes without. Why would you not include this in your listing services? Video marketing has many benefits, See advantages below along with examples of our video tours.

Let Us Do The Work For You

Are you here to embark on the exciting journey of buying your dream home or aiming to sell with ease? Choose your path below, and let us guide you seamlessly through the process.

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