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5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Austin, Texas

Posted by Ryan Rodenbeck on Saturday, January 9th, 2021 at 11:35am

reasons why move to austin

If you are a huge fan of culture, art, delicious food, live music, and hippie vibes, we welcome you to this eclectic and lively city! We'll be giving you the top 5 reasons why you should move to Austin. Aside from being the Best City in America for three consecutive years, Austin is named to be one of the fastest-growing cities as well. The unemployment rate of the city is decreasing while the GDP and GMP have been rising. The city has also ranked 3rd with the lowest crime rate.

Austin is a great place for students, young professionals, families, and even retirees! If you are thinking of moving to the Bat City in the Lone Star State, here are the top reasons why you should move to Austin.


1. Superb Food
food in austin

Who doesn’t love food? If you’re looking into a stomach-filling adventure, you’ll definitely love it here. There are a great number of options in the area. From the traditional Texas Barbecue to different international cuisines with a twist!

Food trucks in Travis County are one of the popular places to get delicious meals with over 1,500+ vendors. A wide variety of fine dining restaurants are also available such as Uchi, Odd Duck, and Barley Swine. Check out our Loro Austin review, a casual dining restaurant by James Beard Award winners Chef Tyson Cole of Uchi/Uchiko and Aaron Franklin of Franklin's Barbecue.


2. Employment Opportunities

employment in austin

Austin is consistently named as the best city for jobs by Forbes. It is ideal for all professionals and to those who are starting their careers, especially for the young ones under 30. Many startups are successful, while the tech industry is booming in the area. Some of the well-known successful tech startups are Indeed, WP Engine, and Main Street Hub.


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3. Healthy Living

healthy living in austin

Considered to be one of the greenest and fittest cities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the are is easy. If you are looking into kayaks, swimming, and other water sports, there are lakes and swimming pools nearby such as Zilker Metropolitan Park and Barton Springs. Going for a run? There are more than 220 parks in Austin where you can bike, jog, and hike!


4. Event Scene

austin event scene

Austin hosts many of the largest events in the state. The nightlife is also something you’ll never want to miss out on! South by Southwest, also known as SXSW, Austin City Limits, Formula 1, and the Austin Film Festival are a few events that are held in the city.


5. Cost of Living

cost of living in austn

Austin residents enjoy the low cost of living in the area. From the affordable essentials such as gym memberships, dining, transportation, to home value. If you are moving within the area, you might have start thinking if you should rent or buy a home in Austin. Here’s something to guide you, the average rental value is $1,364 monthly while the median home price in Greater Austin this 2019 is $305,000. Still unsure if you are to rent or buy a home? Check out our blog Rent vs Buying a Home in Austin, Texas!


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Should I Move to Austin?

Austin is a place for everyone. People coming from out of state and overseas have relocated to Austin for so many reasons. From job opportunities, cost of living, starting a family, or more, Austin remains to be an attractive city for everyone with its job market, activities, and opportunities for many.

The City of Austin prides itself on being energetic, vibrant, and progressive, but what are the other reasons why people ask the question "should I move to Austin?" "what makes Austin a highly desirable place to live in?"

As we have listed above our top 5 main reasons why you should move to Austin, the area is also known for the following:

1. Natural Attractions

Austin is rich when it comes to natural attractions and greenery as plenty of its residents are involved with their communities on taking care and preserving the nature and environment in Austin. There are also places that are considered to be a natural habitat for different species. Greenbelts serve as an oasis for families and friends where they can hike, bike, swim, and picnic. Nearby lakes are also a getaway for those looking to relax on the waterscape by paddling with their kayaks. Tourists and locals also enjoy admiring the view of the Hill Country from their homes or above prominent points.

2. Thriving Tech Scene

Nicknamed Silicon Hills, Austin ranks first when it comes to attracting workers in the tech industry. One of the reasons why people move continues to move to Austin. With different tech companies building their campuses within Austin, the demand for employees is increasing. Apple is building its campus that is projected to accommodate 5,000 employees with a capacity to grow to up to 15,000. In July 2020, Tesla Gigafactory started constructing its facility in Del Valle where they plan to hire about 5,000 people to staff its facility. And in December 2020, software giant, Oracle Corporation announced moving its headquarters from California to Austin.

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3. Top-Notch Education

With its highly rated elementary and secondary schools in the area, it is ideal for families to move within. There are over 29 public school districts, 27 charter schools, and around 100 private schools in Austin.

How Many People Move to Austin Per Day?

Austin MSA has added more than 510,000 people according to Austin Business Journal from 2010-2019. About 128 more people have moved within the Metro if you look deeper into the net migration figure. The majority of migration to Austin comes from domestic with Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio TX topping the list followed by New York, California, and Florida.

Work in Austin

The city is consistent when it comes to being the best cities for job growth according to Forbes and it is also the strongest local job market in the U.S. With tech companies are dominating the market. Since 3.1% in Austin remains low at 3.1% since August 2018. Austin had one of the strongest population increase which has translated into various effects to the city becoming a healthy job market for Austinites. Millennials have the highest percentage of moving and buying homes in Austin. 

According to the career website LinkedIn, Austin ranks first in attracting the most workers in the United States. Adobe, Amazon, Apple Inc., Dell, IBM, Under Armour, University of Texas - Austin, and Seton Family of Hospitals are a few of the known major companies with campuses in Austin, Texas.

Industries in Austin

In the next five years, the tech industry in Austin is expected to grow by 15%. Aside from tech, here are the other industries that are thriving in Austin:

1. Healthcare

Physicians and nurses are currently in demand while chiropractors, veterinarians, and therapists are expected to increase. Austin alone has 11 hospitals and other healthcare companies surrounding the area.

2. Education

The education sector is another large employer in the Austin area. The Austin Independent School District alone has a population of over 80,000 students and 12,000. The University of Texas - Austin consists of 87,000 faculty and staff combined making it one of the largest employers in Austin.

3. Finance

One of the top programs offered to colleges and universities is Accounting. Financial advisors and Certified Public Accountants are some of the well-known finance-related jobs.

4. Technology

Austin's tech industry is booming. It's expected to grow over 45% within the next ten years as different tech companies building their campuses within Silicon Hills. It's expected to be an in-demand field for further innovations.

5. Hospitality

Hospitality, service, and restaurant management are on the rise with more hotels and residences that are being constructed in the area. During festivals such as ACL and SXSW, this industry becomes in demand due to people out of state coming over to spend a couple of days to enjoy Austin's events scene.

If you are all set and ready to purchase your new home in Austin, start a live chat with us or fill the form below and let us help you with your journey to your new home!

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Updated 2021 Reasons to Move to Austin Infographic

reasons to move to austin infographic

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